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# Sentence Times
1. A child is waiting for a ride even as we dawdle at the gas station. 1
2. A dawdle is most also with respect to 3 money, if cut them 5, 8, its price can break up severalfold even a few times. 1
3. Accordingly, "He basically is in the university in dawdle, muddleheaded , missed a lot of opportunities, turn for instance professional, double long " . 1
4. Amused by her burgeoning vanity, she dawdled over the unpacking to give Mrs Wallington plenty of unencumbered time with her son. 1
5. And contain many drawers " dawdler " chest can resolve this big trouble. 1
6. As Ladislav has a mild heart condition, we dawdled towards the Centre in the morning sunlight. 1
7. Billy dawdled behind her all morning. 1
8. But coping with stress seems to be a dawdle for McBride. 1
9. But when the train dawdled at station after station, I began to wonder. 1
10. Don't dawdle away your time, or the young head will soon turn white. Then it will be in vain for you to moan and mourn for this. 1
11. Don't dawdle over your makeup, we don't want to be late for the concert. 1
12. Eleanor will be back any moment, if she doesn't dawdle. 1
13. Have a kind of nifty view: Dawdler drove social progress. Is this word justifiable? Unjustifiable ? 0
14. He dawdled nervously toward the door, wishing to melt away. 1
15. He dawdled, afraid to say no or resist her or speak his mind. 1
16. He dawdles the hours away watching television. 1
17. His brainwave easily, drew a dawdle on paper, send that clerk. 1
18. I was anxious to head off in the cool of the day but Chutra dawdled infuriatingly. 1
19. If you dawdle, we can sit on this train. 1
20. Look sharp! Do not dawdle about like that. 1
21. Look smart! Don't always dawdle about like that! 1
22. Monetary reform initially dawdled along so slowly that the International Monetary Fund has suspended its bail-out funding. 1
23. Now then , jump to it . Don't dawdle about in that half - hearted fashion. 1
24. She dawdled away the whole afternoon. 1
25. She dawdled over her lunch, spinning out the minutes until she would see him. 1
26. She downed two glasses of white wine while I dawdled over a draught beer. 1
27. Special in dawdle industry client is incomparable. 1
28. The first inalienable right of a trainee was to dawdle and amuse himself before he settled into his chair for the morning. 1
29. The gentleman he addressed got up, saying in an indolent way, "Oh really?" and dawdled to the hearthrug where Mr. Bounderby stood. 1
30. The job hunter dawdled all morning but achieved nothing. 1




dawdles (third person present) · dawdled (past tense) · dawdled (past participle) · dawdling (present participle)

  - waste time; be slow.


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