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# Sentence Times
1. Never mind ,saying you're 'sorry, who's going to pay for the damage you've done? 1
2. She made a very good job of covering up the damage. 1
3. 'A lot of damage has already been done,' he said sorrowfully. 1
4. 'How big was the bomb, if it did all that damage?' 'I don't know. Not my field' . 1
5. 'I don't tell anyone, not even my daughter,' the grande dame reveals, shooting me a look as she clasps a Latex glove containing frozen peas to her bruised cheeks. 1
6. 'I was driving on a road trip through Nevada across to Arizona when I took in the Hoover dam as a tourist,' said Jamey, who has been photographing the Bridge since March 2009. 1
7. 'I'm sure he didn't mean to be rude.' 'Quite possibly , but the damage has been done.' 1
8. 'It's in such a delicate part of the reef and the ship is in such a badly damaged state, that managing this process will require all the specialist expertize that we can bring to bear.' 1
9. 'You don't give a damn about my feelings, do you.'--'Quite frankly, I don't.'. 1
10. " Drunk be damned, " cried the captain. " He can lie in the gutter for all I care. 1
11. " Goodwives,'said a hard - featured dame of fifty, " I'll tell ye a piece of my mind. 1
12. " I don't give a damn whether it means a general strike or not! 1
13. " One damned bast -- Scallawag less,'said Tony, holding out his glass for another drink. 1
14. " said a hard-featured dame of fifty, "I'll tell ye a piece of my mind. 1
15. " The Japanese Corpus of civil law" forty-fourth paragraph 1:" legal person for the director and other agents in the performance of duty to others and damage, liability for damages. 2
16. " Well, I'll be damned, " he said ruefully, putting her on the floor. 1
17. "Be necessary to restrict network ill will to take appearance of honorary of advert damage individual " , assentient holds absolutely dominant position in layer of each areas, sexual distinction, age. 1
18. "Because there is no myelin damage at birth, we assumed prions are needed to maintain the quality of the myelin sheath, which diminishes throughout life, " says Aguzzi. 1
19. "But much worse, of course, in terms of real sustainability is damage to the life-support system, " McMichael, who is studying the links between temperature rises and disease, added. 1
20. "Climate change is beginning to damage our natural life-support system, " he says. 1
21. "Daddy, " she called from the sofa, her leotard still damp from dance. She liked the way the purple fabric encased her, the sporty stink. 1
22. "Failing to raise the debt ceiling would do irreparable harm to our credit standing, would undermine our ability to lead on global economic issues and would damage our economy," he said. 1
23. "Government- enforced right of access inescapably dampens the vigor and limits the variety of public debate, " wrote Chief Justice Warren E. Burger. 1
24. "He was a little teary. His voice was shaking, " recalled Doug Damon, a group member and CEO of Damon Industries, a beverage concentrate manufacturer. 0
25. "If you don't mind," Mrs. Dambar said genially. 0
26. "It's the damnedest case I've ever seen," said the sheriff. 1
27. "My long-term goal is to someday learn enough so we can manipulate the sleep pathways without damaging our health," says human geneticist Ying-Hui Fu at the University of California-San Francisco. 1
28. "No, no, no," says Damon, taking up where Dave left off. 0
29. "No, no, no," says Damon(This website, taking up where Dave left off. 0
30. "Our gut feeling is that the chimp virus infection is not quite as" damaging as H.I.V.-1 is in humans. 1

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