Dally Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use dally, so you can learn how to use dally in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word dally here, and see the words sound like or similar to dally

# Sentence Times
1. Come on, don't dally. 1
2. Come on. Don't dally! 0
3. Don't dally along the way! We haven't got much time. 1
4. Don't dally over your meal, we don't want to miss our train. 1
5. Don't dally: we must move on. 0
6. Don't dilly - dally ! Make up your mind! 1
7. Don't dilly dally, hurry up! 1
8. Dont dally, go get it, said the custodian. 1
9. Everywhere there is a hurry, and little time for dallying, or grieving. 1
10. Gradually, it is complacent rise, often mix intentionally to the seaside seabird dally. 1
11. He did not dally over the choice of a partner. 1
12. He took the hilt of his ash plant , lunging with It'softly, dallying still. 1
13. He took the hilt of his ash plant , lunging with It'softly, dallying still.This website 1
14. I sicken at his dilly - dallying. 1
15. Instead of dallying through easy tasks in the morning with got on with the essay first. 1
16. Never dally with a girl whom you don't intend to marry. 1
17. Now, should he go back to Wu Sun - fu's place and dally with her again? 1
18. Social scientists take it as axiomatic that our dally lives are not entirely fortuitous. 1
19. The Electricity Board have been dallying with, the idea of building a power station down here. 1
20. The tollgate at the bridge gave him another excuse for dallying. 1
21. There must be no mistake, no vacillation or dallying because of her own smallness of mind. 1
22. These people might include the chief clerks and foremen who control the dally ordering, production and distribution processes. 1
23. They've been dallying with the idea for years. 1
24. This kind of dallying is, in a sense, optimal. 1
25. You also have to put enough detail in to make the people real, but don't dally with subsidiary characters. 1




dallies (third person present) · dallied (past tense) · dallied (past participle) · dallying (present participle)

  - act or move slowly.

  - have a casual romantic or sexual liaison with.


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