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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use cute, so you can learn how to use cute in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word cute here, and see the words sound like or similar to cute

# Sentence Times
1. 'She's so cute!' 'Totally!' 0
2. " I think it's cute,'said Mrs. Wilson enthusiastically. " How much is it? ". 1
3. "I don't care, " said Maggie Rorty. "I think he's cute." 1
4. "Of course, small, cute, furry animals like ground squirrels are also highly cannibalistic," added Longrich, who is a paleontologist at Yale University. 1
5. "She thinks he's pretty cute and pretty neat, " Dan Falkner said. 1
6. "So, we end our odyssey into all things Hello Kitty by wishing this cat all the best, " they conclude, cutely. 1
7. "Want to double-date Sunday?" he asked me just after we met. "My girlfriend goes to a girls' school, and she'll bring along a cute one for you. " 1
8. "We saw a mother elephant and baby at the water hole and said , You know, what a cute picture, let's stop here, " Nyfeler told National Geographic News. 1
9. A cute face little girl who has lip-synch another voice: Yang Peiyi. This is like a metaphor of how China really is. Everything is fabricated trying to promote a good image to the world. 1
10. A cute style for you will spiral dangler earrings. 1
11. A hopeless, jerkwater town where mustard is turned out in carload lots, in vats and tuns and barrels and pots and cute looking little jars. 1
12. A melodious music movement a cute cartoon may contain a mind weapon. 1
13. Adorable noises, cute screams. Dazzling by every slightest sound. 1
14. After this had happen, Rima could no longer smile, and began to hate being call cute. 1
15. All the cottages had cutesy names like "Sea Shanty" painted above their doors. 1
16. Also, in a time when ingenues are rewarded for cuteness and a certain dewy sexlessness, Angelina projects the most modern of sexualities " carnivorous, omnivorous, and unapologetic." 1
17. An 8 year old girl who met Taka and the others. She's cute and has superhuman strength. Perhaps she's...! ? 1
18. And I eat the sarcocarp , cute Meat has a alternative lunch of the pericarp or the melon seeds. 1
19. And I really dig those cute babes looking on! 1
20. And it brought Joy more than admiring glances - her cute car also led to romance. 1
21. And no, the latter has nothing to do with hordes of rude guys in cute matching coifs. 1
22. And they looked real cute in their snazzy white caps. 1
23. And when cuteness and contrivance get too much, as in the film's ending, the radiant Thompson can be counted on to put a tart spin on sentiment. 1
24. Animal-rights activists get better traction when cute, cuddly animals are in the crosshairs than when rats are under the knife. 1
25. Anyway, Kelly cooly asks, "Whatever happened to that cute guy you were seeing, Ed wasn't it?" 1
26. As the biological dad in a step family, I'm cutely aware of the fact that my daughter spends part of her time with her step dad and mum too. 1
27. At a recent symposium of the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual meeting in Denver, cutely titled “Barefoot Running: So Easy, a Caveman Did It! 1
28. At a recent symposium of the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual meeting in Denver, cutely titled “Barefoot Running: So Easy(This website/cutely.html), a Caveman Did It! 1
29. At three or four weeks, rabbits really are very cute. 1
30. Bald head over the blind, cute old codger. 1

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