Cursory Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use cursory, so you can learn how to use cursory in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word cursory here, and see the words sound like or similar to cursory

# Sentence Times
1. A busy place at which most tourists cast no more than a cursory glance and pass on. 1
2. A casual ( or cursory ) inspection failed to reveal the house's structural flaws. 1
3. A cursory glance at the literature in this field reveals the importance of suspicions concerning gossiping groups of women. 1
4. A cursory line from the eye to bisect the body helps to supply the tail angle. 1
5. A cursory look at behavior in organizations suggests that Machiavelli is still active among us, doling out advice. 1
6. A cursory perusal of my file of pupils' pursuits in both primary and secondary schools shows similar experiences and reflections. 1
7. A huge and implausible fiction - yes, but I dipped in for cursory inspection. 1
8. A naked CON steps before a DOCTOR and gets a cursory exam. A penlight is shined in his eyes, ears, nose, and throat. 1
9. After a cursory check, Myeloski went off to talk to the guard at the gate and find a torch. 1
10. After a cursory examination, he turned to me and said that we must get the boy to hospital quickly. 1
11. After a cursory glance at the report he frowned. 1
12. After a cursory search the carrier was waved through. 1
13. After cursory examination, he was released. 1
14. Because, on a cursory examination, I would say that is what you've got. 1
15. Burke cast a cursory glance at the menu, then flapped it shut. 1
16. Consequently, that child may be studying with a teacher who has given only a cursory glance at these spiraled curriculum guides. 1
17. EVEN a cursory glance at Saturn's moon Iapetus reveals it to be an oddball. 1
18. Even a cursory glance at the figures will tell you that sales are down this year. 1
19. Even a cursory glance is enough to show that Picasso had several changes of mind while he was working on the canvas. 1
20. Even a cursory reading of the letter showed many errors. 1
21. Even the most cursory glance showed me the crowd did look awfully grand. 1
22. He gave us a cursory glance, then resumed his watch on the highway. 1
23. He had given the report a cursory reading. 1
24. He placed her letter, typewritten on white paper and cursory, to one side. 1
25. He put aside the papers after a cursory study. 1
26. He signed with only a cursory glance at the report. 1
27. He takes a cursory look inside(sentence dictionary), then hurries back to the cabin. 1
28. I gave the letter a fairly cursory reading. 1
29. It would be impossible to find out its true value from a cursory inspection, she said. 1
30. Mason was terribly crushed. The most cursory examination revealed it. 1

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