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# Sentence Times
1. " curb them but don't break their spirits , " was Mrs. Tarleton's motto. 1
2. "I think the RRR rise this time aims mainly at curbing inflation ...The move is likely to delay the next interest rate rise to the end of this month or the beginning of next month, " Du said. 1
3. 150 government leaders are putting their heads together to discuss how to curb the production of greenhouse gases. 1
4. A boy staggered out of the bus, stumbled and collapsed on the snowbank at the curb. 1
5. A car was parked at the curb. 1
6. A commentator in the China Daily said export curbs would encourage smuggling. 1
7. A few follow gracefully some yards behind, dancing in ever-widening curves, waltzing in circles at the curbs. 1
8. A few follow gracefully some yards behind, dancing in ever-widening curves,(This website/gracefully.html) waltzing in circles at the curbs. 1
9. A large, shiny black limo pulled up to the curb. 1
10. A large,(Sentence dictionary) shiny black limo pulled up to the curb. 1
11. A man sitting on the curb on Baldwin Avenue with his feet in the gutter. 1
12. A motion from the Selly Oak constituency says reform is needed to curb health risks and to stop growing violence. 1
13. A new study has found that counseling by telephone could be effective in curbing excessive drinking. 1
14. A range of policies have been introduced aimed at curbing inflation. 1
15. A shift of power curbing the influence of town halls would spark a storm of protest around the country. 1
16. A successful cross required the pedestrian to be already perched at the curb when the light changed. 1
17. About £3 billion went on reducing pollution caused by all kinds of waste and £2.4 billion on curbing air pollution. 1
18. Advertising aimed at children should be curbed. 1
19. After a presentation, they paired up, picked one of the 20 cars parked curbside, and drove away for an all-day jaunt through the Hudson River Valley. 1
20. All are aimed at curbing violence committed by and against youths, he said. 1
21. All kinds of Granite and Marble for building and construction like : Floor tile, Vanity, Counter top, fireplace, pavings , small cubes, curbstone, garden decoration , sculpture etc. 1
22. All these factors contribute to curbing and handicapping the coherence and effectiveness of the Common Commercial Policy. 1
23. All these institutional factors contribute to curbing andhandicapping the coherence and effectiveness of the Common Commercial Policy. 1
24. Alternately, new international agreements will surface that attempt curb leaking and punish leakers. 1
25. Although employment growth has been steady since the recession, government cutbacks will likely curb it. 1
26. An agreement is expected to send bond yields lower by curbing the supply of securities the Treasury sells to finance annual deficits. 1
27. An important proposal was that the government should have an antitrust policy to curb monopoly power in business. 1
28. An old man sat on the curb, mumbling and laughing to himself. 1
29. An understanding between the two governments could curb the flow of funds. 1
30. And doctors and governments alike are debating how to curb the excesses of drug promotion. 1

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