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# Sentence Times
1. " Ultimately,'says Farmer,(This website/imbue.html) " we hope to imbue computers a crude form of intuition. " 1
2. " Ultimately,'says Farmer,(This website/intuition.html) " we hope to imbue computers a crude form of intuition. " 1
3. "Take a look at television these days, and it's becoming almost commonplace to be arrogant and crude, " notes psychologist Thomas Achenbach of the University of Vermont. 1
4. A callus of sugar cane was inoculated with smut crude toxin ( Ustiagoscitaminea syd ). 1
5. A crude comparison goes like this: Nature has things, language has words that code meanings corresponding to things. 1
6. A crude meal, no doubt, but the best of all sauces is hunger. Edward Abbey  1
7. A crude oil slick quickly spreads out over water. 1
8. A crude or facile narrative technique will inevitably fail to achieve the desired ideological objective. 1
9. A description is made of the structural characteristics of the new-type U-tube heat exchanger, and an introduction is given to its use in the crude methanol system. 1
10. A drawback of these studies is that the variable defining parental education is rather crude. 1
11. A few minutes later, Harry was standing on the pavement below, staring across the road at the crudely wrought message. 1
12. A lead—base alloy enriched with silver and bismuth was obtained after separating silver and bismuth from crude lead with a continuous crystallizer. 1
13. A man who wears a motorcycle hat and is dressed in thick clothes sits safely self-composed operate azimuth circle in simple and crude"four-wheeler car". 1
14. A more cynical assessment would be that the Interception of Communications Act 1985 is a crude example of political management. 1
15. A new method for the preparation of highly potent crude human chorionic gonadotropin of pregnancy urine is reported. 1
16. A new surfactant heavy crude oil sulfonates ( HCOS ) was synthesized from Daqing Heidimiao oil with fuming acid. 1
17. A novel ion exchanger prepared from a strong anion resin modified with histidine was used for purifying crude hyaluronic acid to achieve a successful separation from protein and nucleic acids. 1
18. A pipeline integrity maintenance resolution system is established in the light of high viscous and congealable crude oil. 1
19. A rather crudely drawn frontispiece depicts several scientific instruments and some objects from the society's museum collections. 1
20. A refining process is used to extract usable fuel from crude oil. 1
21. A relatively considerable amount of dissociation and purification of the mucor racemosus crude extract are conducted using silica-gel column. 1
22. A smoke-cured uncooked ham resembling Italian Proscuitto crudo. It is sliced paper-thin and frequently served with fresh bread as an appetizer or first course at meals. 1
23. A soft sensor modeling of the oil solidifying point ( DOSP ) on crude distillation unit is studied. 1
24. A stronger U.S. dollar lends to greater downside risk for oil equities, given the high inverse correlation between crude oil and the USD, running at -.90 YTD. 1
25. A study of the chemical changes of phospholipid in crude and fried Semen Dolichos Lablab was carried out by molybdenum blue colorimetry and TLC scanning. 1
26. A test-ban won't stop someone trying to build a crude fission bomb without testing, it is true; after all, that technology is now more than 60 years old. 1
27. About 700,000 gallons of crude oil spilled into Galveston Bay. 1
28. About 90 % Of the total sulfur in sour crude will enter into various secondary processing units. 1
29. Abstract: In order to research the heritage laws of brix, crude protein and crude fiber of stalk in Sweet Sorghum, three reciprocal cross combinations were designed. 2
30. After crude oil alteration, the degree of sterane isomerization reaction is enhanced, and in some samples, the balanced endpoint value of isomerization reaction is exceeded far beyond. 1

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