Crotchety Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A long, crotchety letter, as we might say in Chile: gloomy and irritable. 1
2. A lot of older people are crotchety because they've been complaining all their lives. 1
3. A lot of older people are crotchety because they've been complaining all their lives. (Down in Florida, my mother describes condo-association bickering as 'nitpicking in paradise. 1
4. Anyone can experience it and benefit from it, even the most crotchety uncle at the Thanksgiving dinner table. 1
5. But just when I get crotchety enough to start shopping for a shawl and rocking chair, along comes what may be the one meme on Twitter that actually warms the cockles of my heart: Follow Friday. 1
6. By the time the meal began, the youngest children were getting tired and crotchety. 1
7. Everyone would be assigned a familial role: from Old Man Jerry Buss, the wise and sometimes crotchety grandfather, to consigliere Phil Jackson, the trusted family counselor. 1
8. He is a crotchety old man. 1
9. He was tired and crotchety. 1
10. He was warm, gregarious, crotchety, and humorous. 1
11. His crotchety, even cruel behavior must be mischaracterized too. 1
12. It's hardly surprising that this bold, or perhaps crotchety, proposal was instantly controversial. 1
13. Meanwhile, in personal life he became a reasonably prosperous but crotchety landowner. 1
14. On deadline day, the paper's crotchety general manager would suddenly appear over her shoulder, inspecting her work for errors. 1
15. Or how about a tattoo parlor?What would happen if the artist were painstakingly etching the name Vinny into the fleshy arm of a crotchety client when the resident dog accidentally bumped his arm? 1
16. Suffice it to say, though, it is Arthur (with crotchety old Grandsanta's help) who finally saves the day when elder brother Steve's high-tech logistics system overlooks one little girl's stocking. 1
17. The old woman had got very crotchety since being warmed up. 1
18. The real trouble was that Gerhardt had grown intensely morose and crotchety, and it was becoming impossible for young people to live with him. 1
19. Though still, the letters on the page live and breathe as the writer does, crotchety and shaky with old age, hectic with youth, comfortably embracing as a mother. 1
20. When we were in Germany, we rented a room from a crotchety old woman named Brunhilde. 1
21. When we were in Germany,(sentencedict .com) we rented a room from a crotchety old woman named Brunhilde. 1
22. You grow old if you are irritable, crotchety, petulant, and cantankerous. 1
23. Your brothers provide quite well for all of us, and I need your smile here. But then, no-one listens to a crotchety old lady in a wheelchair. 1

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