Cripple Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "Each one crippled a little bit, " said geophysicist Jafar Arkani-Hamed of the University of Toronto, author of the new study. 1
2. A few yards away, a crippled rasta sits in his wheelchair, killing time. 1
3. A fight ensued which left one man dead, one crippled for life and several with lasting scars. 1
4. A long delay might cripple me in a way. 1
5. A rescue boat managed to come alongside the crippled vessel. 1
6. A total cut-off of supplies would cripple the country's economy. 1
7. A tragic trolley car accident left Kahlo crippled and strenuously struggling with pain for the remainder of her life. 1
8. After healing the crippled man , Peter front of the ruling Jewish leaders ( Sanhedrin ) who questioned Peter. 1
9. After the amputation of his left leg he becomes a cripple. 1
10. Agriculture is crippled, too, by the miserable conditions on the collective farms. 1
11. Although O'Connor is commonly perceived as an outsider artist—the crippled, eccentric scribbler—she was in fact from the beginning very much an insider. 1
12. Amateur video - seconds after the quake that crippled the Haitian capital. 1
13. An ambulance service volunteered its equipment to transport a severely crippled man home for weekends. 1
14. And what part did the cripple play who had sat like a malignant spirit guarding a make-shift bridge over an unimportant stream? 1
15. As a child she contracted polio and was crippled for life. 1
16. Asia's economy has been crippled by inflation. 1
17. Ayrshire buses dispute deal A PAY dispute which has crippled bus services in Ayrshire could be over. 1
18. Billy went on weeping as he contemplated the cripples and their boss. 1
19. Botched Not when he has botched reunification and his country's interest rates cripple home-owners and industries far beyond his own borders. 1
20. But against that was the sudden action of the cripple at the bridge. 1
21. But her ill-gotten gains will cripple not only her students, but her young country too. 1
22. But Howard's performance also suggests that Higgins is an emotional cripple. 1
23. But no - for I am not a cripple, I have no debility, and something other than myself is doing this. 1
24. But we are being diminished by our destructive insensitivity in ways that cripple our ability to enjoy, grow, create. 1
25. But we will have to give life a new orientation. The past has crippled life very badly, it has made you almost laughter blind, just like there are people who are colorblind. 1
26. Can you promise that the boy won't be a cripple for life? 1
27. Clearly a balance has to be located between a reasonable fine and one that cripples. 1
28. Cripple ( new ) - Cripples the target, reducing movement speed by 75 %, pacifying and silencing the target. 0
29. Dead of heart attacks, crippled old men like me. 1
30. Engineers plan to shoot heavy mud into the crippled blowout preventer on top of the well, then permanently entomb the leak in concrete. 1

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