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1. "Botox" the popular anti- wrinkle treatment, can also ease writer's cramp, suggests a small study published ahead of print in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. 1
2. A cramp can persist numerous times until it eventually goes away. 1
3. A doctor may prescribe a suitable muscle relaxant and he will check to ensure that there are no underlying problems causing the cramps. 1
4. A full rack should be taken and ice axes and crampons may be needed up to about August. 1
5. A low rumble of a cramp circles deep inside me like a fly, but it remains benign. 1
6. A more spaced-out schedule is much more relaxing than a cramped one. 1
7. A narrow door in what looked like a solid pillar opened to show a cramped circular stair. 1
8. A third of the way up a vicious-looking ice-climb were two men, slowly hacking an unenviable route with axes and crampons. 1
9. A very common cramp that majority of the population has experienced one time or another occurs with the calf muscle (named a "charley horse"). 1
10. Additionally the extract contains substances, which act against cramps. 1
11. Afoot, she was edgy, cramped, accident prone. 1
12. After this, Tate Britain at Millbank feels cramped, parsimonious and a bit shabby. 1
13. Again the place was surprisingly clean considering how cramped it was. 1
14. All these difficulties cramped his progress. 1
15. All these things cramped his progress. 1
16. Although "killer" high-heels can cause problems, slip-on shoes are one of the worst culprits, as they cause the foot to slide forward and cramp the toes. 1
17. Although there can be breathing room when workers and children are outdoors, most living quarters are cramped, with extended families of 15 packed into 300 square feet. 1
18. An ankle strap will prevent the heel lever being released or the crampon being lost should it become disconnected from the boot. 1
19. Analysis the cramping pipe plates of Floating head heat exchanger engender bigger deformations break and their preventing mentions. 1
20. And also for soothing indigestion , gas , menstrual cramps, and irritable bowel syndrome. 1
21. And it was no longer the same cramped, awkward handwriting as before. 1
22. And Morris's presence continued to cramp Dyson's style. 1
23. And the cramp and the croup and the bag under one eye. 1
24. Another food, and inexpensive way to cramp together large carcasses or frameworks is to buy cramp heads. 2
25. Another side effect of flying in cramped quarters is back pain. 1
26. Another technique to relieve a cramp would be to apply a warm heating pad. 1
27. Anyone who suffers from rheumatism, arthritis, backache, cramp or sore joints would feel immediate relief. 1
28. As they often occupy cramped sites, London Board schools are usually multi-storey buildings. 1
29. As you know, Buffet Crampon always works on new model to improve the keyworksand the tuning in each instrument. 0
30. At this time, girls will be caught in a slight drop of hypoxia, while showing a haggard eyes, blurred vision, body cramps and a series of so-called mild "symptoms of sexual climax." 1






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