Cowered Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use cowered, so you can learn how to use cowered in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word cowered here, and see the words sound like or similar to cowered

# Sentence Times
1. Although Sara was a lot calmer, looking positively beatific at times, she still cowered under the bed when Sammy approached. 1
2. As he cowered on the ground, a small insect ran from the space station. 1
3. Aunt Margaret cowered in her chair, covering her eyes, awaiting the end. 1
4. Back in the mews, in the deepest shadow, something cowered. 1
5. Each time the woman struck the child, the youngster cowered and cried, the complaint filed in the case said. 1
6. He cowered at demands she delivered from her chaise, getting his attention with the rap of her cane on the floor. 1
7. He cowered away/back as she raised her hand to hit him. 1
8. He cowered in the corner, gibbering with terror. 1
9. He leapt up from his concealment, but he cowered back. 1
10. I would have visions of myself like Timoshenko standing up in my tank with dark goggles over my eyes as the Germans cowered in the snow and the rope of cold was drawn tighter and tighter. 1
11. The condemned prisoner cowered and began to whimper for clemency. 1
12. The dog cowered under the table. 1
13. The dog cowered when its master beat it. 1
14. The hostages cowered in their seats. 1
15. The naughty dog cowered in a corner. 1
16. The universe cowered once at the name of Megatron , and it shall do so again! 1
17. The windows cowered behind a wire grill and were dotted with advertisements scrawled out on postcards. 1
18. Then came a knock on the door and he cowered away. 1
19. Weathered buildings, even the tall air-traffic-control tower, cowered under their own shadows. 1
20. Wooden scabbard cowered in leather, has all brass parts. 1

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