Corruption Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. " His name is a corruption of "lobotomy, " a nod to a last minute change to the character. 1
2. "Morris" is an English corruption of "Moorish", meaning North African. 1
3. "One thing you can never insure against is corruption among your staff."—"Agreed.". 1
4. "Primarily, the level of political instability in the continent, the lack of infrastructure, the levels of corruption -- these are the factors that worried foreign investors," Sita said. 1
5. A certain level of corruption is tolerated as part of the grease that oils the wheels of the republic. 1
6. A chief constable was acquitted of charges of corruption. 1
7. A corruption of "abracadabra" which was used as a Healing Spell to drive disease from the patient's body in the Middle Ages. 1
8. A corruption of "bombproof" meaning very secure. 1
9. A corruption scandals led to the fall of the government. 1
10. A dozen of the company's senior executives have been caught up in the country's ever-widening corruption scandal. 1
11. A government spokesperson has denied the allegations of corruption. 1
12. A greater worry is that both Zardari and Sharif have earned reputations - and indictments - for egregious corruption. 1
13. A growing corruption scandal involving the Elf oil company claimed its highest-ranking victim to date. 1
14. A public opinion survey conducted by Horizon Research Consultancy last year cites corruption as the worst problem tarnishing China's image. 1
15. A rapid rollout of China's high-speed rail network was followed in July by a slowdown after a fatal train crash: technocracy did not prevent corruption and poor quality-control. 1
16. A second form of corruption was dishonest dealing by the officers of the law. 1
17. A series of corruption scandals led to the fall of the government. 1
18. A tenth of its state legislators may be indicted following a corruption sting. 1
19. Accusations of corruption have been made/brought/laid against him. 1
20. Accusing the outgoing Government of all kinds of swindling and corruption. 1
21. Action is being taken to root out corruption in the police force. 1
22. Addressing corruption and ensuring delivery will be key to its legitimacy. 1
23. After 28 years in parliament, Chuan is still untainted by corruption. 1
24. After all, as scrupulous followers of the Talmud, dishonesty and corruption were abhorred. 1
25. Air Force corruption scandal Brig. -Gen. 1
26. Alejo Sison, professor of business ethics in the philosophy department of the University of Navarra, Spain, has written widely on corruption in Asia, especially in his native Philippines. 1
27. All four outgoing ministers had been accused of corruption and influence-peddling. 1
28. All our borders are week, political corruption, no patriotism, lack of infrastructure, no funds from abroad. 1
29. All practices of corruption and corrupt elements shall be found out through investigation without tolerance or lenience. 1
30. Allegations of corruption were levelled at him and his family. 1

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