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# Sentence Times
1. A consecutive series of 17 patients with malunited dorsally angulated distal radius fracture underwent corrective osteotomy using plates, screws and TCP blocks. 1
2. A corrective for overacidity is an alkaline substance. 1
3. A model was created to describe the relation of the failure rate and repair rate of the components with the corrective maintenance and the repair time. 1
4. A motor used in a servo system, its rotation and speed are controlled by a corrective electric signal that has been amplified and fed into the motor circuit. 1
5. A recidivist demonstrates his tattoos while his cellmates give a coarse laugh. The corrective labor colony in Kovrov (240 km from Moscow), 1993. 1
6. Accordingly, should regard economic structure as corrective industry with compose strategical adjustment key. 1
7. Activities to include: annual risk scoring and assessment of new suppliers, implement and ute on-site audit program, assign and monitor corrective actions as needed. 1
8. After a careful diagnosis he is able to prescribe intelligently the best remedial or corrective measures. 1
9. Agreed corrective actions should be completed in a timely and effective manner. 1
10. Alternaties to corrective osteotomy for intra-articular malunions include excision of osteocartilaginous spurs, arthroplasty, or arthrodesis. 1
11. Although many of the deficient designs may not be correctable by workers, they can be reported so people in authority can take other corrective action. 1
12. An orthoaxis spring is inserted and positioned in the subsidiary conduit, and corrective force is formed between the fixed wing and an arch wire by the elastic force of the orthoaxis spring. 1
13. Analyse the non-conformity spare parts, verify the validity of corrective and preventive actions. 1
14. Analyze survey results and implement appropriate corrective actions. 1
15. Appeal was the only corrective for a mistake by a High Court judge and that had been removed by statute. 1
16. Approve the audit reports and insure the implementation of corrective actions. 1
17. Are corrective actions in place and understood by relevant staff? 1
18. Are corrective actions taken if yields fall below target? 1
19. Are relevant corrective actions taken toward all the out of control points? 1
20. As a complex system with F/S work type, the radar system on missile can′t be corrective maintenance and its failure effect is critically. 1
21. Assessing the extent to which certain important mathematical concepts are not understood by the adult population and devising corrective measures. 1
22. Attend the corrective maintenance required in each moment. 1
23. B . A corrective mark of origin is indispensable with exporting goods. 1
24. BACKGROUND To study the anaesthetic method of corrective operations of infant double - outlet right ventricle. 1
25. But his book will provide a valuable corrective to the more fanciful outpourings of Bolivarianism which can be expected in the bicentennial junketing. 1
26. But the way Rembrandt's nose is worked should equally provide a corrective to rhetoric or elision in the writing on bureaucracy. 1
27. Calcium: Is the building block for corrective tissue under the skin surface and plays an important role in cell protection. 1
28. Certainly it is a good corrective to such thinking. 1
29. Closing meeting with the factory management will result in the corrective Action Plan. 1
30. Conclusion It is not difficult to diagnose RT correctively. Cervico thoracic X ray film, radioactive isotope and CT checking can ensure the extent and character of the retrosternal part. 1

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