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# Sentence Times
1. "Licensed Patents" mean patent claims licensable by a Contributor which are necessarily infringed by the use or sale of its contribution alone or when combined with the Program. 1
2. "Self-Denying of Conscience" is his great contribution to philosophy, and is said to be able to contact the noumenon with phenomenon. 1
3. "Soft money" contributions, by law, may not be used to support directly a candidate for federal office. 1
4. "We don't know how big the contribution of this out flowing signal is to the sense of proprioception under normal conditions, " says Taylor. 1
5. "We no longer have the means to ensure a minimal service so we're asking people for a modest contribution, " said Damas Coulibaly, regional director of the state-owned water company. 1
6. A biennial budget providing for expenditure of US$180,000,000 was approved; many countries were in arrears with their contributions. 1
7. A brief description of the modeling of the hexapod is given in the first part of this contribution. 1
8. A buffet lunch of delicious contributions by the Class added to the enjoyable sunny June afternoon. 1
9. A call for papers for the new journal appears opposite p 721, and we welcome contributions now. 1
10. A charge of £500 per page is made as a contribution towards the cost of reproducing colour figures. 1
11. A contribution by a function to one of the key activities is indicated by a symbol at the intersection. 1
12. A contribution may amount to full indemnification. 1
13. A contribution of £25 will buy 15 books. 1
14. A cornettist equally capable of filigree delicacy and challenging power, Barnard's contribution to jazz is considerable. 1
15. A first move is to abolish the national insurance ceiling on contribution. 1
16. A gator contribution was both large and gray, indicating a (possibly literally) heady mixture of hair and meat. 1
17. A growing number of nurses are making a personal contribution to clinical research: some are even aiming for a higher degree. 1
18. A highlight of this performance was the contribution of the Marquis brand to the improvement in Waterford Crystal's operational profitability. 1
19. A joint tortfeasor is not entitled to a money judgment for contribution until he has by payment discharged the common liability or has paid more than his prorata share thereof. 1
20. A Kurator is similar to a specialist careers teacher with additional contributions to make after school. 1
21. A large proportion of our researchers are therefore unlikely to make major contributions to the literature of their research area. 1
22. A matrix that incorporates both mission alignment and financial contribution makes this framework concrete. 1
23. A memorial plaque in the village Church of St Mary commemorates the Group's stay and contributions. 14. 1
24. A modified two-dimensional Eulerian air quality model was used to simulate the contribution ratio of anthropogenic sources to ozone formation in Pearl River Delta region (PRD). 1
25. A political contribution enabled the symbolic, or indirect, speech of the donor and the actual speech of the candidate — and may the best speech win. 1
26. A principle contribution to this work has been the partitioning of intelligence into component abilities. 1
27. A second approach to CVP analysis uses the product' s contribution margin. Each unit sold has a unit contribution margin, which is the excess of the sale price over the variable expense peru-nit. 2
28. A speech emotion recognition method is also presented based on weighted Euclidean distance template matching, in which the weights of features are calculated by the method of contribution analysis. 1
29. A spokesman for JPMorgan Chase declined to comment on its political action committee's contributions or relations with the Democrats. 1
30. A strong merchant banking contribution was more than offset by losses on investment management and stockbroking and some heavy loan provisions. 1

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