Contradicted Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use contradicted, so you can learn how to use contradicted in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word contradicted here, and see the words sound like or similar to contradicted

# Sentence Times
1. All evening her husband contradicted everything she said. 1
2. All these contradicted not only the principle of "managing together" and "seeking collective interest", but also the spirit of helping the poor and the unprivileged . This website 1
3. As far as restarting the musical life in Vienna was concerned, we had the problem that the occupying forces often contradicted each other. 1
4. Critics describe the mayor as an arrogant bully who hates to be contradicted. 1
5. Dad just can't bear to be contradicted. 1
6. During questioning, Robinson contradicted himself several times. 1
7. Either explanation contradicted the predictions of the steady state theory. 1
8. Fitzpiers contradicted this idea in his most vibratory tones. 1
9. Galileo's observations contradicted centuries-old dogma. 1
10. Galileo's view contradicted Church doctrine of the time that the earth was in a fixed position. 1
11. He always flies into a tantrum when he's contradicted. 1
12. Her eyes, however, betrayed that perfect confidence which contradicted the girlish simplicity of this modest attire. 1
13. Her words contradicted her deeds. 1
14. However, over the weekend, the deputy Leader of the Opposition contradicted that. 1
15. I don't want a change! I want Swiss cheese. Why am I always being contradicted? 1
16. If it is found to be contradicted by observation well these experimentalists do bungle things sometimes. 1
17. In social terms the modern era contradicted the moral idea to which Americans were attached. 1
18. In terms of the value subjects, the diversification of ideal value subjects is contradicted with the limitation of orienting the actual subject value. 1
19. It is also true that the two main Opposition parties have energy policies which are flatly contradicted by their environmental policies. 1
20. Johnson contradicted this, believing the comparisons would talk both books into greater prominence. 1
21. Leaving the adoption of slavery up to the individual states directly contradicted the Missouri Compromise, which barred the extension of slavery into new states. 1
22. Mr Robins, suffering from selective amnesia about his role in the affair, was contradicted in nearly every instance by other witnesses. 1
23. Only one factor contradicted the cultivated bourgeois image - Georgos'hands. 1
24. Our objective measures of light intensity would be discarded if they universally gave answers that contradicted our subjective experiences. 1
25. Pavlov's allegations contradicted earlier official statements which portrayed the currency confiscation as an attack on black marketeers and excess money supply. 1
26. Smith gave an account that contradicted the woman's tearful testimony last week. 1
27. Some thought them false because they often contradicted what would be seen with the naked eye. 1
28. St Augustine (354-430), a major authority for both Catholics and Protestants, insisted that if a biblical text contradicted reputable science, it must be interpreted allegorically. 1
29. That optimism was immediately contradicted by Haider's provocative comments. 1
30. The crucial point is that the structure of the bourgeois family flatly contradicted that of bourgeois society. 1

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