Contentious Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use contentious, so you can learn how to use contentious in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word contentious here, and see the words sound like or similar to contentious

# Sentence Times
1. A hard, contentious look came into his eyes. 1
2. A public inquiry is usually employed, however, only if the appeal involves a very large or highly contentious development. 1
3. Abortion has always been a contentious subject. 1
4. Abortion is a highly contentious issue. 1
5. Animal welfare did not become a contentious issue until the late 1970s. 1
6. Another contentious issue is whether the revisions themselves are legal since they were passed without notification to the opposition. 1
7. As a role model, she is a highly contentious one. 1
8. As in other debates over contentious issues, the question is to what extent over-the-top rhetoric reflects popular sentiment and to what extent popular sentiment is stirred up by rhetoric. 1
9. Axworthy pointed to other contentious issues between the two neighbors that require resolution. 1
10. Background: Three different tunnels were discoveredcreeping under Korea's Demilitarized Zone, one of the most contentiousborders in the world, throughout the 1970s. 1
11. Blake often stretches concepts with contentious boundaries into diaphanous holdalls. 1
12. Both views are highly contentious. 1
13. But the level from which output will now grow is more contentious. 1
14. But the mechanism of direct action is unknown and the subject remains highly contentious. 1
15. But we need to keep in mind that the healthy separateness we are discussing here is not intended to mean indifference or even contentiousness with others. 1
16. Changing supplementary and housing benefit would be more contentious than reforming occupational pensions. 1
17. Community liaison committees tend to steer clear of contentious issues, and the agenda is usually set by the police. 1
18. Complexity research has attracted a lot of attention, but the field remains contentious. 1
19. Costs in contentious cases are more complicated because a successful party may normally recover some of the costs from the losing party. 1
20. Courses can be instrumental or diversionary but not contentious. 1
21. Creating an economic asset in the form of a parental dividend would obviously up the ante in these kinds of contentious issues. 1
22. Do avoid potentially contentious subjects such as religion, sex or politics. 1
23. Eikhl was contentious, shouted, and snorted laughter through a single nostril. 1
24. Eikhl was contentious, shouted,(This website/contentious.html) and snorted laughter through a single nostril. 1
25. Evaluation is actually neither problematic nor contentious in technical and functional areas. 1
26. Even a decade ago, that would have been a contentious assertion. 1
27. Finally, there is the contentious issue of time-expired projects. 1
28. Foreign investment in tobacco has been a contentious issue for years. 1
29. Foreign investments in Indian tobacco have long been a contentious issue. 1
30. Hardly ever, except perhaps when focusing on especially contentious and critical issues. 1

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