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# Sentence Times
1. .. skin .100 % fragrancefree . Oil - free . safe for contact lens wearers . Ophthalmologist - tested. Non - comedogenic. Clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy. 1
2. " Again Cayce said the dream contact had been authentic, showing the dreamer how much his prayers were needed for the father-in-law, who was still an "earthbound" discarnate . 1
3. "Actually, we did not have normal contact from the Arsenal board, but from a member of the technical staff at the club, " said Barbosa. 1
4. "And there's also a significant chance of toxicity in the form of conjunctivitis, punctate keratitis, partial occlusion, or contact dermatitis, " she said. 1
5. "Many of the parents I'm in contact with simply won't accept the compensation agreement," Zhao Lianhai, one of the petition organizers, said by telephone on Saturday. 1
6. "Nanshan Flying Fox" told reporters that two of netizens and his contacts, "female friend had reported in this long-distance trips on board encountered the same indecency . 1
7. "Once we had one person with dedicated time for recruiting patients, through advertising and contacts in the community, we instantly had a waiting list of 30 or 40 patients," Ferri said. 1
8. "Self-Denying of Conscience" is his great contribution to philosophy, and is said to be able to contact the noumenon with phenomenon. 1
9. "Tell you what, we have your number, we'll be in contact with you, " said one of the National Park policeman. 1
10. "The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed" (Carl Jung). 1
11. "Upon exploding on contact with an object, each sub-munition disintegrates into high-velocity fragments to attack people and releases a slug of molten metal to penetrate armored vehicles," HRW noted. 1
12. A biologist has inadvertently made history after becoming the first person to pass on an insect-borne virus to another human by sexual contact. 1
13. A brand new entirely contactless way to measure the Material Level was brought forward. 1
14. A camera is mounted in an overhang position in the pod, causing an overturning moment to be created by the unbalanced load, the angular contact bearings being particularly suited to combined loads. 1
15. A child molester could contact a home and disguise number as a parent's work number. 1
16. A child seat is coupled to the carrier and positionable such that feet of an occupant of the seat can contact a launching surface. 1
17. A cold spirit of vanity, that had no warm human contacts, and that was as corrupt as any low-born Jew, in craving for prostitution to the bitch-goddess, Success. 1
18. A computer programmer from New York City moves to the tranquil Adirondack Mountains and stays in contact with her office via computer. 1
19. A conductive member contacts the upper electrode on a bottom of the via hole. 1
20. A contact can be conformable or unconformable depending upon the types of rock, their relative ages and their attitudes. 1
21. A contact hypersensitivity such as poison oak dermatitis is initiated be contact with the antigen, which is also called the allergen. 2
22. A contact lens holder - I recognized it, Mum wears them - still with the lenses in them. 1
23. A contact print is in the size of a book, but it can be used to enlarge pictures or to have the picture printed on it directly. 1
24. A contact print is model led by placing the negative in contact with the photographic paper. 2
25. A contact with a lightning calculator inspired him to study mathematics. 1
26. A contact-type belt displacement sensor adopts a roller as a belt displacement detection element, so as to drive the code disc of a rotary encoder used as a signal conversion element. 0
27. A contactless detection system for the conical thread with the digital imaging processing technology was presented. 1
28. A dental surgeon contacted the White House, and suggested strapping small incendiary devices to bats, loading them into cages shaped like bombshells and dropping them over a wide area. 1
29. A detailed epidemiological investigation and contact follow up is being conducted by a team of epidemiologists from IEDCR, ICDDRB and WHO Bangladesh. 1
30. A diary based development and reporting approach was used in a few cases where close contact with the project team was feasible. 1




contacts (plural noun)

  - the state or condition of physical touching.

  - the state or condition of communicating or meeting.


contacts (third person present) · contacted (past tense) · contacted (past participle) · contacting (present participle)

  - communicate with (someone), typically in order to give or receive specific information.

  - touch.


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