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# Sentence Times
1. "The growth in demand is outstripping most campuses' ability to meet it, " says William W. Hoffa, a former study-abroad adviser at Amherst College who now consults independently. 1
2. Add close client and server join to be able to make with this kind of form not accredit user consults extremely hard the data of come-and-go. 1
3. After the match ends, somebody consults recipe with X factory manager. 1
4. Arne Duncan, President Obama's secretary of education, consults with Schleicher and uses his work to compel change at the federal and state levels. 1
5. Before deciding on any weighty matter, he consults his staff. 1
6. Consultand --- In genetic counseling, anyone who consults a genetic counselor for genetic information. 1
7. Duplicates the geographic name to the after article in which appears, only when first time appears lists poem document number, name and prose original sentence which is heavy, in order to consults. 1
8. DVD. song for the domestic and foreign customers. The narrative movie, the serial TV opera enharmonic product, welcome the domestic and foreign merchants to relate likely with Our company consults! 0
9. Each of our products consults with the perfection curve, base on human body engineering elements, swing in with China and west culture distillation. 1
10. Everybody in the place, even the pick and shovel man at the end of a drift, consults his book. 1
11. Facer consults for a large building firm. 1
12. He regularly consults his watch which also provides the only illumination. 1
13. If you mean the word that calculate, the reference book that can buy this dietetics consults. 1
14. In contrary to every democratic custom, the present Dalai Lama consults with the Nechung Oracle, a monk who is possessed by a Mongolian war God, on all important state decisions. 1
15. Management critique Friendly and considerate, he invariably consults before taking decisions. 1
16. Now the NFS server detects that the request is from the foreign domain and consults the EIM server for the foreign identity mapping information. 1
17. Objective:To observe the morphology of perineal body, provide some consults for practicing episiotomy or perineorrhaphy. 1
18. Professional forester Kirk Hansen consults with small woodlot owners. 1
19. Simultaneously has also carried out the young child lip uranocoloboma sequence treatment, after since birth consults counselling which, lip uranocoloboma patching surgery and speech training, feeds. 1
20. The island's caretakers call it St. Trinity, but the story changes if one consults with the Greek Orthodox Church. 1
21. The management always consults with the workforce before introducing major changes. 1
22. To determine whether a metal is gold or pyrite, one consults a metallurgist. 1
23. To determine whether a tree really is a beech or a maple, one consults a tree specialist. 1




  - seek information or advice from (someone with expertise in a particular area).


  - an act of consulting a professional; a consultation.


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