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# Sentence Times
1. A brance - and - bound method is provided for the indefinite quadratic programming problems under convex constraints. 1
2. A circular model with an inward fixed flange was used for the support points, with a general shear force introduced to realize the constraint conditions at the hinges. 1
3. A computer simulation model designed to evaluate the potential performance of a 4-wheel-drive articulated skidder under a variety of assumptions ard constraints has been developed. 1
4. A constrained growth algorithm of simple polygon triangulation is proposed. 1
5. A constrained optimization problem in primal weight space with incorporation of a regularization term was discussed. The dual problem was solved by using the kernel trick. 1
6. A constraining template can be used to guide data entry. 1
7. A constraint satisfaction model is given. A hybrid solving algorithm is designed based on constraint satisfaction and heuristics node exchange algorithm. 2
8. A cross-layer transmission control scheme based on Cognitive Radio(CR) for average power minimization under the constraints of collision with licensed user and buffer state is addressed. 1
9. A decision-tree approach to solve resource allocation problem is presented for multi-targets, under radar illuminator scheduling solutions are constrained to naval formation anti-air battle. 1
10. A derivation of the constraint equation a rigid body in slipless rolling in plane was given. 1
11. A fallen bridge might constrain your ability to get across a river. 1
12. A foreign - key constraint can implement referential integrity between parent and child tables. 1
13. A foreign key constraint allows you to define referential integrity between a parent and child table. 1
14. A foreign key constraint referencing this table has been dropped or changed. 1
15. A foreign key constraint referencing this table was dropped or changed. 1
16. A foreign key is a constraint that enforces referential integrity. 1
17. A function generator not constrained by design or commitment to a specific function only. 1
18. A fuzzy mathematical approach is proposed for bi level programming problems in which the upper level has constraints and the lower level consists of N independent programming units. 1
19. A general linear brightness model was embedded in the gradient constraint equation, which improved algorithmic stability under large carving illumination. 1
20. A genetic algorithm optimization procedurecombined with the dynamic penalty function is adopted. The constraint conditions areapproximated gradually to find the feasible and optimum solutions. 1
21. A group of ellipsoidal invariant sets is designed off-line, and then constitutes a terminal constraint convex set whose coefficients are taken as on-line optimization variables. 1
22. A hybrid genetic algorithm is proposed for global optimization of nonlinear programming problems with inequality constraints. 1
23. A method is presented for dynamic analysis of walking vehicle system with large gross motion, small elastic deformation, and discontinuous boundary constraints. 1
24. A method of topology optimization of grillage structure with stress constraints is presented and applied to analyze the reinforced beam of raft foundation. 1
25. A method to optimize the topology of grillage structure with stress constraints is presented. 1
26. A model for analyzing the large deflection of an elastic cantilever beam with constraint under uniformly distributed load was established. 1
27. A motion constraint equation for moving target is derived by the first order geometric features. 1
28. A new crossover operator named Extended Order Crossover (EOX) is then proposed, which has the merits of automatically satisfying procedure constraints and preserving much genetic information. 1
29. A new method of linearly constrained minimum variance beamforming that based on Wiener filter is proposed to improve its performance of noise reduction. 1
30. A new mixed farfield amplitude constraint was introduced into the iteration to provide very high mode conversion quality. 1

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