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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use considerably, so you can learn how to use considerably in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word considerably here, and see the words sound like or similar to considerably

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1. 'There is a perceived added value in that the women get to meet the potential donor, but the risks are also considerably higher, ' said the Dutch newspaper AD. 1
2. "The new find, together with other discoveries of recent years, shows that the city was considerably larger than what we previously estimated, " Yuval Baruch, Jerusalem district archaeologist, said. 1
3. A 2-1 win over Brighton and a 3-3 draw at Rotherham, however, have lifted spirits considerably. 1
4. A considerably longer time is required for complete deformation to occur. 1
5. A detailed exposition and defence would require considerably more ingenuity and effort. 1
6. A frozen daiquiri on a sandy beach sounds considerably more alluring. 1
7. A large exploration programme both on and offshore is in progress, though the level of activity has varied considerably. 1
8. A larger, more general system would need considerably longer stretches of the utterance, and/or considerably more complex top-down information. 2
9. A loft conversion can add considerably to the value of a house. 1
10. A new method for the deconvolution of cortical EEG potential distribution from the measured scalp EEG is proposed in this paper, which improves the spatial resolution of EEG considerably. 1
11. A rough scree slope was crossed to reach the foot of the considerably steeper conical crown of our peak. 1
12. A smoker in the house will increase the variety and quantity of air pollutants considerably. 1
13. A spider's web can stretch considerably without weakening. 1
14. A word presented at the end of a sentence is considerably easier to recognise than that same word presented in isolation. 1
15. Abortions after the first trimester cost considerably more than those within the first twelve weeks. 1
16. Abstract: Experiment is made to recycle urban waste water through the treatment of GAC, which can considerably absorb organic matter and colority in the waste water, as well as turbid. 1
17. According to scientists, Lantian ape - man lived 500, 000 - 600 , 000 years ago, considerably pre - dating Peking Man.This website 1
18. Adding a little of NZ and NS in microemulsion, the nature of its yellowing is considerably reduced with no concerns of increasing cost and decreasing softness . 1
19. Adenoidectomy will considerably reduce the overall duration of glue ear. 1
20. Advantages of fructosamine are that it does not depend on the haemoglobin level and it will probably be considerably cheaper. 1
21. After the initial curiosity value, the product's sales dropped considerably. 1
22. Also, standards of service on many main line routes were improved considerably, particularly the inter-urban routes. 1
23. Although he was now nearly twenty, he was still considerably smaller than even Mike, who was nearest him in age. 1
24. Although Ledbetter did the same job as her colleagues, and had more seniority than some of them, they were all being paid considerably more than she was. 1
25. Although sturdy and tear-resistant, this “Burberry-proofed” cloth was lightweight and allowed air to circulate, making it considerably more comfortable than the heavy mackintosh. 1
26. Although this wins easily, 29 e3! is considerably more murderous. 1
27. Amelia, her finances considerably reduced, saw an opportunity and set about getting her Kinner. 1
28. An extreme reaction to cold, chilblains affects one in 10 people but your chances of getting them will be upped considerably by standing in kebab queues on winter nights. 1
29. And big screen color television, full automatic washing machine, air conditioning, camera will grow considerably. 1
30. And now, on with the considerably more destructive process of deleting applications from Windows. 1

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