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1. "No temple made with hands can compare to Yosemite," according to naturalist John Muir, whose writings inspired conservationists and lawmakers to seek federal protection for its pristine beauty. 1
2. "Now, due to the fact that jaguars love Obsession for Men, WCS field conservationists are getting more precise estimates of jaguar populations, " McNab said. 1
3. A local magistrate has been asked to arbitrate between farmers and conservationist groups. 1
4. A new monkey species in Myanmar is so snub-nosed that rainfall is said to makes it sneeze—but that's apparently the least of its problems, conservationists announced in October. 1
5. A new species of blind, legless lizard has been found in the mountains of Cambodia, conservationists announced. 1
6. According to conservationists, Barrow Island is home to a number of endangered animals, which is why environmentalists are pushing for the liquefied natural gas plant to be built on the mainland. 1
7. An oil spill on this part of the coast is the conservationists' nightmare scenario. 1
8. And because the disease can be transmitted between wild and farmed animals, its appearance in areas where these species intermix has caused clashes between ranchers and conservationists. 1
9. And with help from the conservationists this spectacular reserve will continue to thrive. 1
10. Animal conservationists disapprove of experimenting on animals. 1
11. At the same time, prominent researchers said conservationists cannot afford to shortchange large and regional protections at the expense of focusing on targeted species. 1
12. Bluefin tuna stocks have been tumbling worldwide , a situation conservationists blame on overfishing and poaching. 1
13. But conservationists were outnumbered on the committee appointed to deal with land conservation. 1
14. But for the time being conservationists everywhere are happy to know that the swans and the anglers are no longer rivers apart. 1
15. But if it were granted it would significantly strengthen the conservationists' hand politically. 1
16. By keeping the tidal mudflats, the conservationists argue, the development will be both more imaginative and environmentally sound. 1
17. By the early 1980s the Commission had been coming under increasingly severe criticism from conservationists and others. 1
18. Careers in this field include ecologist, conservationist, taxonomist, horticulturist, agronomist, plant geneticist, and many others. 1
19. Celebrates the life of the late conservationist and inspirational writer Roger Deakin. 1
20. Critics of the group's report will claim the differences between landowners and conservationists were irreconcilable from the start. 1
21. Despite extensive plans by the consortium for landscaping, the conservationists claim the dump would turn into an eyesore. 1
22. Government officials would turn up at the triennial meetings and, after listening to advice from scientists, conservationists and their own environment ministries, were likely to agree to a "listing". 1
23. Hammersmith Road and its schlock architecture is proof that conservationists are not as powerful as the architectural profession likes to believe. 1
24. Harrison Ford. Actor . conservationist . And friend of frogs. 1
25. Here we argue that a comprehensive analysis should broaden the scope of the analysis to include conservationists and governments. 1
26. However, it is clear that the technologist who replies to the conservationist's lament is not an alternative technologist. 0
27. Ignacio Rivas, a conservationist with the Paraguayan group Guyra, said: "The fate of the Chaco lies with these groups. 1
28. In 1983 the descendants of these owners of geese were to burn the local conservationists in effigy. 1
29. Interview he sez the idea that industrialists are at loggerheads with conservationists needs to be dispelled. 1
30. It may be a shot in the dark, but freezing sperm is one of the last chances to save the hellbender, North America's biggest salamander, conservationists say. 1




conservationists (plural noun)

  - a person who advocates or acts for the protection and preservation of the environment and wildlife.


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