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1. 'We see this as an excellent opportunity to expand connectivity between our member states,' says Jim Wilkinson, executive director of CUSEC. 1
2. A certain type of database connectivity only exists/doesn't exist on specific Dispatchers. 1
3. A healthy number of commands provide connectivity, and an even larger set of commands can generate, permute, modify, filter, and analyze data. 1
4. A method based on the bootstrap and an imaginary part of the coherence was developed to analyze the connectivity and the information propagation during motor imagery. 1
5. A neuron population model based on thalamocortical network was used to study the brain connectivity with certain mental tasks. 1
6. A twin - screen computer display with web connectivity features prominently in the leather - and - wood - trimmed cabin. 1
7. According to reciprocity theorem, when two nodes communicate, the controlling packets and the data packets they exchange provide the connectivity information. 1
8. ADSL is emerging as the technology for home and small - office Internet connectivity. 1
9. After several public hearings that generated many suggestions, the city ventured into pockets of connectivity. 1
10. After successfully configuring the ODM data source(s), use the ODM nav_util executable to test ODM DSN connectivity to the archive file or collection data. 1
11. Also, behaviors such as nicotine addiction manifest themselves in long-term changes of neuronal connectivity and can – at least in this respect – be viewed as a form of learning. 1
12. Also, while IRF enables connectivity from the server edge to the core, HP can preserve the Layer 3 and up network segmentation for traditional connectivity, like MPLS or VPLS, to the outside world. 2
13. An IP-connected user does not need to order special three-way connectivity service from the networking company. 1
14. And the Analog Channel also answers for CR experimental system connectivity test, where the data is transmitted and received among baseband, IF band, and RF band. 1
15. And the third force that has underpinned the resilience of the global system is technological connectivity. 1
16. As service providers and enterprises look to meet the need for high-speed connectivity services, Ethernet has emerged as a viable metropolitan-area network (MAN) and WAN technology. 1
17. As the call chain is parsed from the trace file, a connectivity matrix is built that identifies which functions call which other functions. 1
18. At a high level of connectivity, and a high number of members, the dynamics of mobs takes hold. 1
19. Based on the characteristics of molecular structure, the distance matrix was used to characterize the connectivity of the atoms in the molecule. 1
20. Based on the weak connectivity of hypercube model, a layered framework is presented for key-sharing connectivity, and a node's localized searching algorithm is proposed. 2
21. Better data reliability is now ensured through true atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID and when devices experience battery power issues and connectivity disruptions. 1
22. Bluetooth has become a defacto standard for wireless connectivity used in mobile phones, PCs, laptops, and may other electronic devices. 1
23. Bridges and switches provide segmentation within a single network or subnetwork. Routers provide connectivity between networks and subnetworks . 1
24. But providing industrial-strength wireless connectivity to an office, apartment building, or neighborhood is different. 1
25. By preassigned credibility and precision, effective estimate of sieving rate of connectivity sieve is achieved. 1
26. Company customers for the supply of beads films, Sequin , films and other connectivity products, intends to look to contact me. 1
27. Compared to normal controls, it found that the hippocampus, temporal pole, frontal lobe, temporal lobe, thalamus and precuneus exhibited more significant functional connectivity with the PCC in TLE. 1
28. Compared with traditional control system applying Single Chip Machine as internal control device, this system improved the complexity of hardware connectivity and reliability, . 1
29. Connection must be a clear division of work, it was reviewed inspection to ensure connectivity of norms, diameter appropriate, accurate, reliable handsome. 1
30. Connections are made using the flexible Signal Routing Unit (SRU), a matrix routing group of pins that provides configurable and flexible connectivity between all DAI components and the SRU. 1


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