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# Sentence Times
1. "Four seasons in Our Motherland" is constituted by four sub-songs and an intermezzo, among which there are connections as well as contrast. 1
2. "Now more than ever, take the time to strengthen those connections in your life," urges Achor. "You can start small by reaching out to just one person a day. 1
3. "Silver Age" is a literary concept, but it has a close connection with the culture of its time. Elapsed Brilliance by Wang Jiezhi makes a comprehensive study of this age from the cultural viewpoint. 1
4. "The auditory area of her brain started taking over the somatosensory area, " says Ro, who used diffusion tensor imaging, which focuses on the brain's white matter connections, to spot the change. 1
5. "The thing that I was thinking of in connection with you, Lester , " said Robert finally, "is this matter of the Western Crucible Steel Company. 1
6. "Whatever my connections may be, " said Elizabeth, "if your nephew does not object to them, they can be nothing to you." 1
7. 13 men have been questioned in connection with the murder. 1
8. A "bifurcated wire wrap" terminal block is one that has an "H" shape, which forms one electrical connection pair with two connection terminals. 2
9. A 40-year-old Liverpool man was arrested in connection with the assault. 1
10. A Any amount payable under a Finance Document by an Obligor is exclusive of any value added tax or any other Tax of a similar nature which might be chargeable in connection with that amount. 1
11. A campus fiber optic backbone supports connections to the network from faculty offices, classrooms, the Library and residence hall rooms. 1
12. A characteristic pattern of connections among neurons (nerve cell is lateral inhibition network. 1
13. A condition that occurs when your cellular telephone connection is interrupted unexpectedly. 1
14. A connection between two or more sections of a transmission line. 1
15. A connection was made to the stand pipe each time the portcullis end gates were raised. 1
16. A constant internet connection, coupled with a device supporting a wealth of apps, can potentially transform a person into an all-knowing, always-on being. 1
17. A Data Source provides the connection properties to the underlying database along with connection pooling mechanisms. 2
18. A deck latch assembly located connected to the uplift hook mechanism additionally facilitates connection of the deck structure to a second deck structure. 1
19. A decoding software system is also developed, which can be used to convert the structure code concerned into connection matrix method. 1
20. A distinctive solving scheme of multiple boom bucket wheel sticker connection network communication comprehensively using fuzzy control and TDMA technology is presented in this paper. 1
21. A DS1 remove operation may affect any related signaling link connections (such as a remote login session) that is carried by this DS1. 1
22. A faulty connection caused the machine to stop. 1
23. A faulty connection could easily cause a fire. 1
24. A few concerts were organised in connection with national holidays - for example on railworkers day or at officially sanctioned Youth parties. 1
25. A fifth person was questioned by investigators in connection with the alleged extortion case. 1
26. A good example to illustrate this is the maximal number of connections to the BPEDB. 1
27. A grand staircase, or tiered seating, ensures a fluid connection between the base plane (ground floor) with level above, while offering a congregational space. 1
28. A handoff requires a connection establishment between a mobile device and a new base station which is a time-consuming procedure in the frequency hopping system. 1
29. A hose connection type anti-siphon vacuum breaker shall be installed where indicated on the plans to prevent the back siphonage of contaminated water. 1
30. A La Mesa teen-ager was temporarily detained in connection with the incident, but no charges were filed. 1

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