Confusion Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "In the darkness and confusion, the bands of these commanders became separated from each other" (Washington Irving). 1
2. "Mental confusion and erroneous ideas" about the anti-Gang struggle still exist, according to a recent broadcast from Kansu province. 1
3. "Psychoanalysis needs to be solidly grounded first" in Asia, he said, "otherwise it can easily fall into confusion. 1
4. "We do not see much confusion compared with what we saw prior to the tobacco tax hike last year, " said convenience store operator Lawson Inc. (2651. TO) spokesman Jun Miyazaki. 1
5. A bomb exploded and I got lost in the ensuing confusion. 1
6. A close look at the points listed in Table 4.1 will show the level of confusion operating. 1
7. A confusion matrix describes how many results were correctly classified and how many were incorrectly classified for each of the categories. 1
8. A confusion of lorries and cement mixers defaced the area just past the green. 1
9. A feeling for chronology, gradually acquired, should help to dispel confusion. 1
10. A first contact with John Ashbery's poems often throws readers into confusion with his multifarious, usually longwinded and discursive, verses which seem to have no distinctive characteristics at all. 1
11. A good deal of role confusion and bewilderment as the growing child encounters the newer ways is to be expected and observed. 1
12. A hand grenade exploded by accident and I got lost in the ensuing confusion. 1
13. A look of utter confusion swept across his handsome face. 1
14. A mass demonstration on the Means Test had petered out in confusion and each party blamed the other for its failure. 1
15. A new block cipher is designed where the diffusion of matrix multiplication is combined with the confusion of specially designed matrix operation to encrypt information. 1
16. A number of artists have indeed caused some confusion among those who have set expectations by providing picture-books for older readers. 1
17. A series of problems and contradiction caused by fee enlargement mainly embody the confusion of government income channels and twists of government behavior. 1
18. A Siamese cat picks its way among the confusion of London Library volumes lying open on the table. 1
19. A small child's confusion in distinguishing the right from the wrong is quite natural. 1
20. A source of some confusion is the patient with polyuria and a dilute urine due to primary polydipsia. 1
21. A spokeswoman blamed the confusion on miscommunication between the company and its customers. 1
22. A state of confusion and disorderliness . 1
23. A state of temporary confusion or puzzlement is at the heart of all learning. 1
24. Accountants may not realize how much confusion there is amongst non-financial colleagues about basic accounting concepts. 1
25. Acknowledging the confusion, the Supreme Court in 1990 disavowed its earlier opinions and announced a new approach. 1
26. Acts 19:29 And the city was filled with confusion; and they rushed with one accord into the theater, seizing Gaius and Aristarchus of Macedonia, Paul's traveling companions. 0
27. Advancing on a narrow front, the bristling schiltrons threw their opponents into confusion on such unfamiliar, unstable ground. 1
28. Affair of canning not do and also is, the confusion says, will corrupt. 1
29. After Diocletian had surrendered power there was a time of confusion until Constantine the Great became Emperor in 324. 1
30. After Diocletian had surrendered power there was a time of confusion until Constantine the Great became Emperor in 324.This website/surrendered.html 1

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