Conflict Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use conflict, so you can learn how to use conflict in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word conflict here, and see the words sound like or similar to conflict

# Sentence Times
1. "Explain how Arab rejection of the State of Israel has led to ongoing conflict." And "Evaluate efforts by global organizations to undermine U.S. sovereignty. 1
2. "For years, we hid behind our press IDs (identification cards) as a shield against danger in covering conflict areas in the southern Philippines," broadcast journalist Ed Lingao told Reuters. 1
3. "If two laws conflict with each other, the courts must decide on the operation of each" (John Marshall). 1
4. "Increased aridity is making the drylands the most conflict prone region of the world, " he said. 1
5. "It is resources of this order of magnitude that would make it possible definitely to lay to rest the specter of conflicts over food that are looming on the horizon," he added. 1
6. "The United States has been a leading voice in promoting the participation of women in conflict resolution, peacekeeping and peace building," Brimmer said. 1
7. "They may seek to spark conflict between faiths but as Americans we are not and never will be at war with Islam," said the president. 1
8. "They said EU special representatives should be sent to 20 nations on the bloc's security watch list to be on the look-out for burgeoning conflicts and act as an early warning system. 1
9. 1823 - Monroe Doctrine: US President James Monroe delivers a speech establishing American neutrality in future European conflicts. 1
10. A 24-hour ceasefire allowed the two armies to reach a solution to the conflict. 1
11. A and B conflict/A conflicts with B. 1
12. A bloody separatist conflict raged there for 30 years before the tsunami hit. 1
13. A body in conflict with gravity experiences unnecessary heaviness and weight. 1
14. A ceasefire called by the Yemeni government in its conflict with Shiah rebels in the north of the country has failed to take hold and fighting is reported to be continuing. 1
15. A century of confrontation and conflict can be a long time, but also an emphatic teacher. 1
16. A conflict at work tests your ability to be polite -- you with flying colors. 1
17. A conflict between the two countries could easily spread across the whole region. 1
18. A conflict can arise between efficiency and effectiveness. 1
19. A conflict may arise between the pressure to prepare young people for independent living, and their continued need for support. 1
20. A conflict or a frustration is not necessarily pathogenic. 1
21. A conflict with experience at the periphery occasions readjustments in the interior of the field. 1
22. A conventional conflict thesis can also conceal vital distinctions between different religious traditions and between liberal and conservative representatives of those traditions. 1
23. A conveyancer must be acutely conscious of the problems a conflict of interest might impose. 1
24. A crash course in conflict resolution. 1
25. A crucial area of potential conflict is between safety and other objectives such as output or the saving of cost and time. 1
26. A curious detail of the governance conflict between the Titans and Zeus provides a clue to their significance in Orphism. 1
27. A decree in February banned the sale of weapons to countries involved in armed conflict. 1
28. A few of the conflicts of interest in the obesity research field seem quite obvious. 1
29. A force that can handle two major regional conflicts can be funded in several ways. 1
30. A framework peace accord has been reached to end the conflict in the South Kordofan and Blue Nile regions of northern Sudan. 1

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