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1. A city of southern Kentucky southeast of Owensboro. It was occupied by the confederates from the start of the Civil War until 8'2. Population, 40, '4. 1
2. A deputation of confederates had come to demand that he and his men evacuate the fort without further delay. 1
3. A riot began when drug traffickers tried to free their jailed confederates. 1
4. After sundown the confederates made an attack on the right creating considerable confusion. 1
5. As for the confederates, they were obliged to set up a larger fish-hook running parallel to that of the Federals. 1
6. By July i the confederates were left with only one major river port: Vicksburg, Mississippi. 1
7. By this time the confederates had formed into columns and were on the march back to Corinth, Mississippi. 1
8. Cushman contacted the Union Army's local provost marshal and offered to perform the toast as a way to ingratiate herself to the confederates and become a federal intelligence operative. 1
9. Even as Lincoln chided McClellan for his excessive caution, the confederates completed another act of daring. 1
10. He did not hesitate to skirmish with the confederates now, for his position was a strong one. 1
11. He thought it likely that the confederates would retreat before he could renew his attack the next day. 1
12. Hitherto I had had no confederates nor any acquaintance among that tribe. 1
13. In the meantime, the confederates in front of Cemetery Ridge were making the final preparations for their new attack. 1
14. It was a thickly wooded area west of Fredericksburg, Virginia. That was where the Union army had lost a battle to the confederates one year before. That was where the two armies would fight again. 1
15. It was intercepted by the confederates, who read it with enjoyment and preserved it for the record. 1
16. It was made by the confederates on an artillery battery and its supporting infantry in the lines of General George McCall. 1
17. It was near the peach orchard that the confederates suffered one of their Worst blows. 1
18. Left to their own devices, the confederates dealt poorly with the management problem of their enormous hostile slave population. 1
19. On 13 September, while bivouacked in a field that had the day before been occupied by confederates, a Union private found in the grass three cigars wrapped in a piece of paper. 1
20. One day we visited the cabin of a mountain man who had a collection of rifles and pistols dating back to the Civil War, then explored a cave the confederates had used for munitions storage. 1
21. The confederates considered the large numbers of blacks who defected to the Union to fight against their former masters as criminals. 1
22. The confederates considered the works impregnable, but they did not depend solely upon them. 1
23. The confederates laid down their arms that afternoon. 1
24. The confederates pursued to the base of Little Round Top, but Federal reinforcements, including elements of VI Corps, checked their advance. 1
25. The confederates were routed; they fled across the river, some by bridge and some by swimming. 1
26. The confederates were soon walking directly into the cannon fire and became part of what history has never, nor will ever forget. 1
27. The confederates won the second battle of Bull Run, and the Union army failed to stop Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia from escaping after the bloody battle at Antietam Creek. 1
28. The confederates won the second battle of Bull Run, and the Union army failed to stop Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia from escaping after the bloody battle at Antietam Creek.This website/bloody.html 1
29. The confederates, their own ranks disorganized and in a state of confusion, made only a limited pursuit. 1
30. The confederates, undefeated, pushed onward. 1




  - a person one works with, especially in something secret or illegal; an accomplice.

  - a supporter of the Confederate States of America.


  - bring (states or groups of people) into an alliance.


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