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1. " demands the Daily Telegraph in an article condemning contemporary sexy schoolgirl fashions, while Tokyo's Daily Yomiuri refers to "the Lolita-like sex appeal" of preteen Japanese anime characters. 1
2. "Recently, both the United States Senate and the House of Representatives passed a motion condemning the obstruction of telecommunications during protests in Iran, " he said. 1
3. 1954 - Red Scare: The United States Senate votes 65 to 22 to condemn Joseph McCarthy for conduct that tends to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute. 1
4. 65They all condemned him as worthy of death. Then some began to spit at him; they blindfolded him, struck him with their fists, and said, "Prophesy!" 1
5. A condemnatory approach can only alienate the unfaithful, Spring says. 1
6. A country that distrusts science is condemned to move straight back to medieval obscurantism. 1
7. A grand jury was convened; the jury condemned the newspapers for creating the atmosphere which instigated the Saturday night riots. 1
8. A Greek who rescued his friend Damon, who stood bail for Pythias when he was condemned to die. 1
9. A legendary figure who, out of devotion, pledged his life as a guarantee that his condemned friend Pythias would return to face execution. Both were subsequently pardoned. 1
10. A memorial to the Princess Diana has been condemned as " ill-conceived and ill- executed" by MPs. 1
11. A particular complementary technique may be recognised by orthodox circles in one country but condemned in another; an example is osteopathy. 1
12. A report condemned the state of prisoners' cells. 1
13. A US state department spokesman, Ian Kelly, dismissed allegations of American involvement as "completely false", adding: "We condemn this act of terrorism and mourn the loss of innocent lives." 1
14. Add to that the official demonisation of business trips as frivolous , starting at the top with Barack Obama's public condemnations. 1
15. After 1760 few Americans refrained from condemning slavery as evil. 1
16. After a nine-month silence, for instance, bin Laden released a 22-minute audiotape on March 14, sharply condemning the recent Israeli invasion of Gaza. 1
17. After Mortimer's condemnation Edward granted pardon and restitution to the families which had suffered at his hands in 1329 and 1330. 1
18. After the explosion, is visiting Morocco, the Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack said. 1
19. After the rape-murder, one of the squad is kidnapped by an insurgent group; in a video on the group's website, we see the soldier condemned to death, his throat slit, his severed head held up. 1
20. Against ample evidence for the prosecution the accused offered no real defence and were all condemned and sentenced to hang. 1
21. All the major political parties roundly condemned the attack. 1
22. All through the meal he picked at his food, while Peter ate heartily with a quip about being a condemned man. 1
23. Almost everyone, from right-wing businessmen to left-wing union and student leaders, condemned it. 1
24. Although the EFF has condemned the attacks on both sides, the 1000s that have resorted to such tactics reveal it as an effective, if legally dubious, outlet for protest. 1
25. An engineer's report had condemned the spire as dangerous and said that it must be dismantled. 1
26. And every year the report's findings are roundly condemned by Tory politicians for being excessively negative. 1
27. And it got worse three days later as the Gunners' second-string hammered an under-strength Reds side 6-3 to condemn them to their heaviest loss at Anfield since 1930. 1
28. And last night the emergency services strongly condemned the children's school for organising the event during such bad weather. 1
29. And still more often the condemned is the burden bearer for the guiltless and unblamed. 1
30. And with condemnation has come repression, from increased CCTV surveillance to punitive workfare rules. 1

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