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# Sentence Times
1. Beauvoir's utopian ideal is the reciprocity and comradeship between men and women. 1
2. But this comradeship turned to a strange reticence during the last few days of the journey. 1
3. Friendship may indeed come to exist without sensuous liking or comradeship to pave the way. 1
4. He seemed to gain pleasure from the comradeship of Art teachers; their banter and dry North country humour. 1
5. In the army, he comradeship, excitement and adventure in company with men of similar taste. 1
6. Is it not chiefly because they upheld the principle of serving the people, established exemplary relations with the people through sacrificing their own interests, crated inside the armed forces a comradeship that brought the initiative of junior officers 1
7. Ishmael, however, welcomes the comradeship of all human beings. 1
8. It was the spirit of comradeship that made victory possible. 1
9. Its primary aims are comradeship and welfare. 1
10. Many, many of us have found inspiration in her teaching and have derived much pleasure from her comradeship. 1
11. Our comradeship and our brotherhood in war were unexampled. 1
12. Perhaps arising from the close personal comradeship of those war years was Basil's empathy with ordinary working folk. 1
13. Perhaps his imagination was fuelled initially by the comradeship of a group and the creativity it could galvanise. 1
14. Pliny, who preserved the story, notes that their comradeship flourished for some years. 1
15. She looked from one to the other, saw comradeship in the pretended reluctance of shared smiles. 1
16. That would depend upon whether the germs of staunch comradeship underlay the temporary emotion. 1
17. The spirit of comradeship that had made victory possible had the welfare state as one of its natural corollaries. 1
18. Their relationship oscillated between comradeship and rivalry. 1
19. Though there was undoubtedly comradeship, there was also the danger and loneliness of individual enterprise. 1
20. You can't substitute material things for love, gentleness, tenderness, or for a sense of comradeship. 1


[ˈkämˌradˌSHip, ˈkämrədˌSHip]


comradeships (plural noun)

  - the company and friendship of others with common aims.


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