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# Sentence Times
1. “We actually discussed this variant of events while we were first forming our comradely alliance,” proclaimed Mr Medvedev. 1
2. “We actually discussed this variant of events while we were first forming our comradely alliance(This website/proclaimed.html),” proclaimed Mr Medvedev. 1
3. 'Now, comrades, ' cried Snowball, throwing down the paint-brush, 'to the hayfield! 1
4. " Don't take him seriously, comrade. He just likes to tease everyone. 1
5. "Not between old comrades in arms, " he said, and backed out and along the top corridor away form a tyke you couldn't trust as far as you could throw him. 1
6. A comrade had found a cave near Pac Bo, a village nestled amid the strange northern landscape of limestone hills. 1
7. A day, the reporter comes in the home of comrade Zhou Bingde as agreed upon. 1
8. A thoroughgoing materialist should approach this question in the way advocated by comrade Mao Zedong. 1
9. According to one report, Moussa grabbed the gun from a comrade. 1
10. According to the only survivor, his comrades went under one by one, screaming in terror. 1
11. According to the only survivor, his comrades went under one by one. 1
12. After repeated exhortation by his comrades, he finally straightened out his thinking. 1
13. Airborne Regiment and his comrade-Li Wu a non-commissioned officers stopped her into the side of one hand to placate her. 0
14. All our Party comrades have worked as one man and made marked achievements in every held. 1
15. Allow me to introduce comrade Zhou, our department head. 1
16. Also, our ideological and theoretical workers should always guard against self-satisfaction, narrow-minded conservatism and ignorant boasting, failings which comrade Mao Zedong warned us against. 1
17. And the same tensions continued after 1975 as southern Communists balked at domination by their northern comrades. 1
18. And this requires all our comrades to carry forward the revolutionary tradition. 1
19. Answer: Our Party representative, comrade Chou En - lai, wrote a letter to Generalissimo asas July. 1
20. Answer: Our Party representative, comrade chou en-lai, wrote a letter to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek as early as July. 1
21. As comrade Teng Hsiao-ping stated, if we elect them the significance will be similar to their election at the Seventh Congress. 1
22. As far as he was concerned there was no question of betraying his own comrades. 1
23. As for certain comrades, this assessment does not hold true. 1
24. As if a degree could solve the riddle of comrade Cancer. 1
25. As we remember the great democratic revolutionary pioneer Sun Yat-sen, we are also deeply cherish the memory of a great proletarian revolutionary, comrade Deng Xiaoping. 1
26. Ask comrade Liu to step up; the office is on the second floor. 1
27. At eleven o'clock Squealer came out to make another announcement. As his last act upon earth, comrade Napoleon had pronounced a solemn decree: the drinking of alcohol was to be punished by death. 1
28. At the Twelfth National Congress comrades who had made mistakes were handled with circumspection. 1
29. At this very moment, we deeply cherish the memory of comrade Deng Xiaoping and revolutionist in his generation. 1
30. Back home in 1960, An was working for Reuters when his old Communist comrades contacted him. 1


[ˈkämˌrad, ˈkämrəd]



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