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# Sentence Times
1. "Can" cable to your PC to TV converters accept S Video or composite video signal and converts "it" to high-resolution VGA display on a computer screen. 1
2. "Our composite plant solutions offer considerable advantages, " said Veli-Matti Reinikkala, head of ABB's Process Automation division. 1
3. "Speed" will be used to anti-explosion light composite armor, bulletproof windows and equipped with machine guns and cannon. 1
4. A blade, essentially made of composite material, for a rotorcraft rotor,(sentence dictionary) comprising. 1
5. A ceramic discharge vessel (8 inserted in a plug (11) made from a composite material. 1
6. A color forming composition or composite can include a polymer matrix, a thermally modifiable fluoran leuco dye having a latent developer attached thereto, and a radiation absorber. 1
7. A composite building of steel plus concrete is extremely difficult to achieve in New York City. 1
8. A composite image with background signal suppression can be obtained to highlight the lesion and improve the detection of tumor and metastasis. 1
9. A composite isothermal curve covering the required extensive time scale can then be constructed from data collected at different temperatures. 1
10. A composite key is a key made up of multiple columns. 1
11. A composite material, e. g. a metal impregnated with lubricant or a casting impregnated with thermosetting resin, can be obtained using the inventive vacuum high pressure filling equipment. 1
12. A composite motion demanding the straight forward abolition of the block vote was defeated on a show of hands. 1
13. A composite motor vibration transducer with differential charge amplifier and adaptive frequency compensating circuit is introduced. 1
14. A composite nanofiltration membrane is fabricated by the interfacial polymerization supported on a microporous polysulfone substrate, using PDMAEMA as the prepolymer of the crosslinking reaction. 1
15. A composite of the crook is built piece by piece. 1
16. A composite pump was developed which is composed of a non evaporable getter pump and a sputtering ion pump. 1
17. A composite sensor of shaft current and shaft magnetic flux belongs to checking technical field, and is used to solve the checking problems of shaft current of a motor. 1
18. A critical external pressure calculation method of 3 D 4 step braided composite shell is paper. 1
19. A cross model of 3 - D braided composites is presented based on elastic theory. 1
20. A deformable layer theory does not appear to be tenable in glass - reinforced composites. 1
21. A design oriented method for the dynamic design optimization of composite rotor blades is presented. 1
22. A fiber placed composite, especially with fiber steering, has more complex internal structure than a laminate laid up from unidirectional prepreg tapes. 1
23. A filter bank is adopted to compose the approximate inverse system, which is the feed-forward controller in the composite control strategy. 1
24. A heat-resistant compacted graphite iron has been produced by using RE composite vermiculate ferroalloy which contains low boil element. 1
25. A high-performance and noncombustible organic-inorganic composite coating applied on aluminum alloys was prepared by using an as-synthesized, water-borne modified silica sol by organic silanol. 1
26. A homogenization - based method for predicting the viscoelastic property of unidirectional fiber reinforced composite materials is presented. 1
27. A humidity sensor is fabricated with the composite material of nanometer lanthanum ferrite and the polymer. 1
28. A key component of this guidance is the composite Application Library, a library useful to create composite WPF applications. 2
29. A kind of composite material was prepared through filling propylene random copolymer (PPR) with bagasse fiber that was subject to surface treatment by silane. 1
30. A kind of degradable and absorbable composite for bone fracture fixation with high strength and module is presented, which is made of unidirection CPP/PLLA fiber composite. 2

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