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1. (I did it in the lede of this post, in fact.) That's because it's tough to sum up the inherent complexities in just a sentence or two, and usually the simpler description suffices. 1
2. Above all, war inspires the simplification of normal complexities into the heroism of folklore. 1
3. American exceptionalism adds to the complexities of foreign policy. 1
4. And he is too morally didactic to enjoy, as a biographer must, the complexities and ambiguities of his subject. 1
5. And in a larger sense community is affirmed, and the complexities of social life dissolved. 1
6. Because of the complexities in geometric forms of the axle and the supporting Patterns, most of the calculations of the critical speed of turning axle are difficult. 1
7. Beyond all these institutional complexities lies the prison, the probation service and mechanisms for dealing with the convicted offender. 1
8. But because we, and our leaders, retreated into a Manichean fantasy, we understood the new complexities of the real world even less. 1
9. By contrast with such complexities, the rest of the biochemistry is relatively straight forward. 1
10. By reducing the number of proprietary applications on the desktop, companies can expect to reduce internal desktop maintenance expenses and software complexities. 1
11. Conceiving citizenship is this manner allows for a clearer understanding of the complexities of contemporary forms of social inclusion and exclusion. 1
12. Considering the technical complexities required, televised science fiction has frequently earned less than proportionately balanced critical response. 1
13. Do not be discouraged from drawing by complexities of plumage or the mobility of smaller birds. 1
14. Financial management and the complexities of human resource and contract management are the bread and butter skills of many modern businesses. 1
15. For cryptologic applications, it is of course highly disirable that the linear complexities of pseudorandom sequences be as large as possible, and the sequences resist the correlation attack. 1
16. George Washington University's Daniel Solove, who blogs at Concurring Opinions, has tried to capture the byzantine complexities of modern privacy. 1
17. Given the complexities and plural nature of urban development other agencies must be closely involved. 1
18. He became ensnared in the complexities of the legal system. 1
19. He has mastered enough of the complexities of arrangement to write and score a piece for a chamber music ensemble. 1
20. He may be surprised when the analyst reveals the complexities of his hand movements and finger manipulations. 1
21. His approach has undoubtedly helped a lot of people to understand the complexities of biological evolution. 1
22. I do not claim to be able to unravel the complexities of atonement. 1
23. In addition, most of us face complexities such as performance appraisal, staff appraisal, course evaluation. 1
24. In attempting to unravel these complexities, we'd like to offer a new conceptualisation of these sliders as determining manager type as much as the tactics of the team. 1
25. In rehearsing Shakespeare, I puzzle over the complexities of his verse and prose. 1
26. Individual feelings and complexities are repressed and there is a constant threat of mutiny among family members. 1
27. It is also simple-minded to assert that everyone can or should be involved in the complexities of designing universities or opera houses. 1
28. It is impossible, in a short space, to full convey the complexities of international diplomacy throughout these years. 1
29. It took years to untangle the legal complexities of the case. 1
30. Kath is a pretty dark-haired vivacious girl, whose flashing black eyes warn of the mass of complexities bubbling beneath the surface. 1

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