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# Sentence Times
1. "You've kept your complexion very well, " said Mrs. Lynde consolingly. "Of course you never had much colour to lose." 1
2. A non-smoker and a teetotaller, Taylor was stockily built and of fair complexion. 1
3. A penetrating and refreshing cleanser that improves your complexion. 1
4. A thick mop of black hair over a man-boy's smooth olive complexion. 1
5. A young Salvation Army lassie with black curly hair, brown eyes and a peaches and cream complexion had caught his eye. 1
6. Ada was a particularly striking young lady,(This website ) with a pale complexion contrasted by very dark hair. 1
7. Alexei Volkov had the unkempt beard, florid complexion, and wild eyes of a survivalist. 1
8. All the partisan groups of whatever political complexion immediately joined in the fighting. 1
9. And a man with bandaged fingers and a blue complexion weeping over it. 1
10. Applies evenly and blends easily for a natural looking bronzed complexion for the face and body. 1
11. At an upstairs window they present a life size dummy head: firm jaw, aquiline nose, shining complexion. 1
12. Aunt Sybil had pink - rimmed azure eyes and a waxen complexion. 1
13. Based on thermodynamic analysis for ammonia complexion system, the main parameters that influence the rate of reaction in the process of nickel chemical plating on a surface coated h BN were studied. 1
14. Be suitable for the people with insomnia and dreaminess , hypodynamia, sallow complexion, dysphoria, depressed expression, or suffering from climacteric syndrome (pale tongue thin coating). 1
15. Born in the nearby Mena village, Furjani is a tall man whose dark complexion conveys his sub-Saharan ancestry. 1
16. Both are fairly liberal and will leave the political complexion of the Lords roughly the same. 1
17. Both were fair complexioned and slenderly made; both possessed faces full of distinction and intelligence. 1
18. Brand-new blusher is with fresh and healthy color stick on cheek well. Make up a lovely face. By light application. Multi-color is suitable for different complexion. 1
19. But the pale complexion will be masked in the make-up room. 1
20. Clear a spotty complexion with this easy homemade mask. 1
21. Crime has risen everywhere, under governments of every political complexion. 1
22. Dark complexion; hair, eyebrows, and whiskers, black; blue frock-coat, buttoned up to the chin; rosette of an officer of the Legion of Honor in his button-hole; a hat with wide brim, and a cane. 0
23. Do Good to Your complexion, Adjust Internal Secretion, Accelerate Metabolism, Ease Nerves to Be More Romantic. 1
24. Drinking lots of water is good for the complexion. 1
25. Enriched with purifying agents to clarify your complexion and Hamamelis extracts to refine skin pores. 1
26. Even Harvey - who had a dark complexion - had gone the colour of a boiled lobster. 1
27. Every time the political complexion of the government changed, so did the defence policy. 1
28. Fatigue and stress quickly result in a dull complexion and a furrowed brow. 1
29. From his ever-changing complexion to his personal menagerie and private amusement park, Jackson has long cultivated an aura of eccentricity. 1
30. Hair and fair complexion, no pigmentation, dull complexion or chlorosis. 2




complexions (plural noun)

  - the natural color, texture, and appearance of a person's skin, especially of the face.

  - the general aspect or character of something.


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