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1. "As Afghanistan becomes increasingly self-reliant, it won't have to do so immediately on its own, but rather it will be reassured by way of this enduring commitment," he said. 1
2. "For us, success comes in a real sense of community ownership and a long-lasting commitment to the environment," Gill Tatum, Urban Mines chief executive officer, said. 1
3. "Global political commitment for long-term financing of the MDGs is crucial," said Dr Andrew Cassels, WHO Director of MDGs, Health and Development Policy. 1
4. "Many men are attracted to trans gender women, but when it comes to commitment they don't want to do it, " the founder of the website, Kalki, explained. 1
5. "Sir Elton and Mr Furnish are making a solemn and formal commitment to each other and our Guildhall offers them both dignity and privacy, " she said. 1
6. "The Commitments" is the gutsy story of a Dublin rock band. 0
7. "The government must renew its commitment to tolerating robust freedom of assembly and peaceful protest, no matter what the cause, " said Windsor . 1
8. "The Postal Service has a longstanding commitment to small businesses and is working to accommodate customers needs as the international mail changes take effect," Ms. Yoerger said. 1
9. "This is a big step forward in confirming our commitment for the use of biodiesel fuel, " says Don Borgman, manager market planning and customer integration, John Deere Ag Marketing Center. 1
10. "This support reflects our commitment to delivering humanitarian assistance to communities in need, " said Karen Tandy, senior vice president, public affairs and communications. 1
11. "This support reflects our commitment to delivering humanitarian assistance to communities in need, " said Karen Tandy, senior vice president,(This website/public affairs.html) public affairs and communications. 1
12. A + leaders outperform average ones on productivity, turnover, and employee commitment. 1
13. A career as an actor requires one hundred per cent commitment. 1
14. A commitment is only commitment, because it has no expiration date. 2
15. A commitment to an authentic ministry of reconciliation is a radical one indeed. 1
16. A couple of early speeches suggested that he might marry innovative approaches with a commitment to U.S. leadership. 1
17. A function generator not constrained by design or commitment to a specific function only. 1
18. A good mind and a warm heart can be made impotent if there is no commitment. 1
19. A hybrid algorithm for unit commitment problem optimization ( ACO is proposed. 1
20. A Labour government would immediately initiate the widest possible review defence commitments world-wide and set up an arms conversion agency. 1
21. A person is character personified only if he has enough creibility. Credibility is an essential attribute that is built on the elements of integrity, reliability, veracity, competence and commitment. 1
22. A public statement of the existence of these rights is a written commitment to providing a public service and should be applauded. 1
23. A separate White Paper could review these and report as usual on progress with commitments. 1
24. A third was that decentralization requires a firm commitment from the top. 1
25. A toe shoe is as eccentric as the ballerina who wears it: their marriage is a commitment. 1
26. A year later, in 1979, a Conservative government was elected with an unswerving commitment to nuclear power. 1
27. A youth commitment, two hand clenched lavender bott le, wherever miles, our hearts are always together. 1
28. Abandoning the commitment to full employment would restore autonomy to the centre. 1
29. Ability to motivate the SDT meet commitments and hold team accountable. 1
30. According to Tretorn, this confirms its continued commitment to grass roots tennis, of which the Trust is also, solely committed. 1

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