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1. 'Commence,'was Monsieur Defarge's not unreasonable reply,'at the commencement.'. 1
2. "Accounts Agreement"means the Accounts Agreement to be entered into among ABC INC. , the Concessionaire and the Accounts Bank on or before the commencement Date, as amended from time to time. 1
3. A deep voice announced the commencement of the wedding rites, and the music began. 1
4. A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that 'individuality' is the key to success. Robert Orben  1
5. A study of commencement officials found almost no transmission of harmful bacteria during the multiple handshakes of diploma awarding. Karen Hopkin reports. 1
6. ADB projects require to establish project monitoring and evaluation system before the commencement of loan, to issue project report quarterly or semiannually. 1
7. After commencement of the service area generated two icon icon, a pop - up right, another double - click pop - up. 1
8. After the commencement ceremony of WTCCZ, our reporter interviewed Ms. 1
9. After the commencement ceremony of WTCCZ,(This website/commencement.html) our reporter interviewed Ms. 1
10. After the commencement of succession, any successor who has knowledge of the death should promptly notify the other successors and the testamentary executor. 1
11. All applicants should be at least 16 years of age at the commencement of this course. 1
12. All applicants should be at least 16 years of age at the commencement of this course. This website 1
13. All tuition fee paid will not be refunded after the commencement of programme. 1
14. Allowance is paid on reimbursement basis at the commencement of the respective school term. 1
15. Also, in high school I was the valedictorian speaker at commencement. 1
16. An allocation plan should be given to each student at the commencement of training, setting out the holiday periods. 1
17. And nothing was permitted to start until the commencement of the bombardment. 1
18. Another survey at this location will be carried out after the commencement of the new school year. 3. 1
19. Applicants are normally processed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Application result will be notified through email prior to the activity commencement. 1
20. Arizona State University, saying his "body of work" was yet to come, declined to give him an honorary degree when he delivered the commencement address there last week. 1
21. As I stand here now on this glorious commencement day, I realize more than ever before what a great burden we must have been to our teachers, to our principal, and to our parents. 1
22. As I stand here now on this glorious commencement day. 1
23. At its first commencement, on May 17, 1757, seven men graduated; six with a Bachelor of Arts and one as Master of Arts . 1
24. At the commencement of each session he addresses both Houses together. 1
25. At the commencement of the hearing, your Lordships gave leave to the Attorney-General to intervene in the proceedings. 1
26. At the commencement of the tournament it was made clear that referees had been instructed to apply Laws 18 and 19. 1
27. At the commencement of training, each trainee should be provided with a training plan which includes details of holiday allocation. 1
28. Back then, old graduates of the College who could get to Cambridge on commencement Day didn't wait for reunion years to come back to the Yard. 1
29. Because of the differences of commencement and reform emphasis as well as policies, the extent of upgrowth of the two markets is so different and there is no effective connection between them. 1
30. Before leaving I attended the 47 th commencement of Cornell on June 16, 1914. 1

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