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1. 'Churchill's bloody work was completed when Hess was brutally murdered by agents of Britain's top-secret MI6, acting in collusion with his American captors, at Spandau Fortress prison.' 1
2. A longtime relationship between business and government fosters collusion. 1
3. A preliminary investigation indicated that the inmates -- in collusion with prison workers -- escaped through the service entrance for vehicles belonging to prison staff members. 1
4. A sense of complicity is established between the artist and the single viewer, a collusion excluding all other visitors. 1
5. A sense of complicity is established between the artist and the single viewer, a collusion excluding all other visitors. This website 1
6. According to different target, we can divide collusion into consistent collusion and disaccord collusion. 3
7. Again, I hear the smack of collusion between Johnson and Boswell in their separate accounts of their Highland jaunt. 1
8. And the way to prevent tacit collusion could be to reserve the possibility to enroll outside employee, to adopt discrimination policy, and to increase authorization. 1
9. Another part of work of this paper is further analyzing other factors affected tacit collusion between generation companies. 1
10. As an embranchment of incentives theory , collusion theory has entered foreland of the mainstream economy's research. 1
11. British collusion in such destruction is a scandal that will outlive any passing conflict. 1
12. But he only looked at her blankly, and gave no rueful half-smile in collusion. 1
13. But tacit collusion may still be beyond them. 1
14. But, in recent years, audit collusion cases that exposed frequently in securities market bring forth suspicions on the whole capital market's basis of credit. 1
15. By a collusion of timing and chemistry and artful television technique and happy economics, the nation fell into a spirit of coalescence and optimistic self-assertion not seen for a generation. 1
16. By adding KOH as catalyst, the reducing atmosphere was favorable to improve the conversion of collusion and the yield of liquid products. 1
17. Chandler convicts himself of collusion as well: the novel focuses on the profits the Sternwoods have made in oil. 1
18. Charges relating to collusion on Wall Street have been a rarity because of the difficulty of proving that firms intentionally sought to act together and acted nefariously. 1
19. Collusion at the company breeds collusion in the family, which breeds collusion at the company-his and hers. 2
20. Each firm acts independently; no collusion is present. 1
21. Finally, the relations of cheap talk and mechanism design, tacit collusion, and practice problems of anti-trust law of China, are shortly commented. 1
22. For example, corruption, collusion and nepotism should be condemned by all Asians. 1
23. He could become so unaccountably miserable that a small amount of collusion some-times did him a world of good. 1
24. He found no evidence of collusion between record companies and retailers. 1
25. He was too moved, by the warmth which collusion had brought to their relationship. 1
26. Hitler must have assumed that we were all in collusion. 1
27. However, Rees also notes that collusion requires a mechanism to enforce agreements. 1
28. However, while holding on their own opinions, they try to complement each other and realize tacit collusion. 1
29. I ask these gentlemen -- Was there collusion? 1
30. If the security forces are not present and loyalist gunmen commit murder it is still the result of collusion. 1




  - secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.


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