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# Sentence Times
1. 'There is evidence . . . showing the cooperation of the Venezuelan government in the illegal collaboration between FARC and ETA,' according to the indictment. 1
2. " Four Million Dollar Quartet" brings audiences to Sun Recordsandin Memphis to witness the collaboration of Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley before they became famous. 1
3. "Four Million Dollar Quartet" brings audiences to Sun Records in Memphis to witness the collaboration of Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley before they became famous. 1
4. "Four Million Dollar Quartet" brings audiences to Sun Records in Memphis to witness the collaboration of Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley before they became famous.sentencedict .com 1
5. "Grown Woman" is one of her best collaborations with a rapper—Ludacris—and easily one of her most obstreperous, even though the song's theme is simply the fact that Blige is an adult. 1
6. "How to Get Rid of Cellulite" is his first collaboration with Warner Brothers and will not disappoint fans of his earlier work, with its risque dialogue and funny songs. 1
7. "Scale" (localStyle in collaboration with Malcolm MacIver) is an "interspecies art project" consisting of 12 different species of nocturnal electric fish. 1
8. "There's probably some degree of collaboration between parent and child," said Robert Nelson, art critic and associate professor of art and design at Monash University. 1
9. A bold assertion of reality indeed and very far from the idealised approach to love in adventure in another collaboration. 1
10. A call for collaboration between the four Thames regions and higher education institutions is made. 1
11. A collaboration scope also includes a special variable called a collaboration folder, which can be used to attach document links to the business process. 2
12. A collaboration tool for software development teams. 1
13. A division of interaction behave levels between human and virtual environment was presented. From low to high, They are data level, analysis level and collaboration level in order. 1
14. A first pair of models were developed in collaboration with T . Wolaver. 1
15. A formal collaboration between our companies is good for everyone. 1
16. A mechanism is the reification of a collaboration, the process of "gluing" these mechanisms together from their object parts constitutes mechanistic design. 1
17. A meeting was held with Shenzhen Center for Disease Control and Prevention to foster collaboration on HIV prevention work in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. 1
18. A poem written by Wang Jingwei in 1942, known as his formation of a Japanese-supported collaborationist government in Nanjing during World War II, showed his hesitation of working with Japanese. 1
19. A rapid surveillance and reporting system through SMS messaging systems has been established by the MoH and the public IT agency with WHO collaboration. 1
20. A second method of promoting the interests of domestic producers is by permitting them to enter into collaborations of various kinds. 1
21. A variable called a folder is associated with a collaboration scope, of predefined type tCaseFolder. 1
22. A variety of this economy collaboration, it is the form of socialistic cooperation, be relation of socialistic coadjutant mutual benefit reflect. 1
23. A white box sequence diagram depicting collaborations among the elements relevant to each viewpoint is developed using the same ordered set of messages. 1
24. AAVP is a network of African scientists working to promote and facilitate HIV vaccine research and evaluation in Africa, through capacity-building and regional and international collaboration. 1
25. Abercrombie was appointed to work in collaboration with the Technical Committee. 1
26. According to sources, CNC has contacted Huawei, ZTE, UT, and Shanghai Bell Alcatel to AVS collaborations. 1
27. ACM President David Patterson said the collaboration of Cerf and Kahn in defining the Internet architecture and its associated protocols represents a cornerstone of the information technology field. 1
28. Actually all twosome partnerships and collaborations seem to be going quite well as the month takes off. 1
29. Additionally, water system expansion modules can seek a better water distribution program via trying to apply network collaboration method among water use group. 1
30. Addressing these transnational risks requires advance preparation, extensive collaboration with the global community, and the development of a resilient population at home. 1




collaborations (plural noun)

  - the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

  - traitorous cooperation with an enemy.


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