Coldly Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use coldly, so you can learn how to use coldly in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word coldly here, and see the words sound like or similar to coldly

# Sentence Times
1. ' Well, what can I do for you?' he asked coldly. 1
2. "Are you implying that I have something to do with those attacks?" she asked coldly. 1
3. Affronted at his impertinence, she stared at him coldly and wordlessly. 1
4. And then just deny it coldly if it ever came to court. 1
5. As she fled out the door, he smiled coldly to himself. 1
6. But his coldly analytical mind dismissed the idea. 1
7. But I can safely assure my readers that he is not the product of coldly perverted thinking. 1
8. But in London we are apt to receive that sort of thing so coldly even in its proper place in the rallies of a harlequinade that there is no temptation to West End managers to condescend to it. 1
9. But Mr Micawber did not move. He stared coldly at his employer. 1
10. Can't you draw in the other room? said Johnsy coldly. 1
11. Fierce Eyes watched her coldly, then nodded, then stared beyond her, at the denser wood. 1
12. He was coldly indifferent to other people. 1
13. Her accusation in front of her family had made him coldly furious, she realised with a jolt. 1
14. Her manner was coldly dismissive. 1
15. Herta starts to breathe differently as we kiss; she is always self-possessed; every move of mine is coldly monitored. 1
16. His deep-set eyes glittered coldly. 1
17. His head was crushed, and the stone coldly fitted back into its mound. 1
18. Husband and wife turned coldly accusing backs toward each other. 1
19. I look at this coldly in the light of right and wrong. 1
20. In the evening, rested in this small broken room, whole body coldly trembling, a vigor drills toward the daddy bedding in... 1
21. It arched coldly and remotely from the jungle beneath it. 1
22. Johnson watched him coldly, unmoving, knowing everything. 1
23. Kay said coldly. " I don't believe a word of it. ". 1
24. Mckinley and his adviser, Mark Hanna, responded coldly when Platt first presented his plan. 1
25. Michael is coldly greeted by the head correctional officer , Captain Brad Bellick. 1
26. Miss Nipper received that proof of her confidence, as well as the prospect of their free association for the future, rather coldly, and was anything but enthusiastic in her demonstrations of joy. 1
27. Northumberland had more use for him; he was temperamentally closer to this coldly thinking man than to his own son. 1
28. Once I didn't know the real meaning of happiness so that I look the world coldly with special treasonous sight. Indifferency was the melody in my life. 1
29. Only Jacob's actions are far worse than Ham's, and coldly calculated into the bargain. 1
30. Recently air temperature pelter, the day freezes coldly, tap water connoisseur reminds a citizen to want to make step of good prevent frostbite, lest affect daily life. 1

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