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1. A large quantity of studies revealed the role of cognitive factor in the control of balance which indicated the coexistence of posture and cognition. 1
2. All appearances are in time. Time is the substratum in which coexistence or succession can be represented. 1
3. Among the selected five ungulates, most exhibited a distinct utilization pattern in environmental factors (e. g. elevation and slope), contributing to their coexistence in sympatry. 1
4. As what economist predicted, culture and economic coexistence and development is a typification trend of future economic increase. 1
5. Based on elastic demands for coexistence of economic variables, this thesis aims to study on how to apply demand elasticity to guide industrial activities, which will be of great significant. 1
6. Based on the study of self pumped phase conjugation (SPPC coexistence, a new photorefractive adaptive optical heterodyne detection system is proposed. 1
7. But long - term coexistence is to have a little business mentality. 1
8. By 1958 Albania stood with China in opposing Moscow on issues of peaceful coexistence, de-Stalinization, and Yugoslavia's "separate road to socialism" through decentralization of economic life. 1
9. Conclusions IPO is the rare but severe complication of SLE. The coexistence of IPO, ureterohydronephrosis and thickened gallbladder wall probably suggests a visceral smooth muscle dysmotility. 1
10. Convex function of demand, convex distribution of price and an optimal model for coexistence of multi-prices are established. 1
11. Daniel Bernoulli (1700–1782), best known for his work in fluids, set forth the principle of the coexistence of small amplitude oscillations in a string, a theory later known as superposition. 1
12. Disjunctive words coexistence refers to two disjunctive words being used in a sentence. 1
13. Effect of the coexistence of chlorobenzene homologue on the biodegradation of chlorobenzene for chlorobenzene acclimated sludge. 1
14. Flood and waterlogging disasters are characteristic of sudden occurrence , remove , coexistence with other fatalities, followup effects. 1
15. Fourth, construct a power trader behavioral analysis model to analyze the possible behavior choice of power traders in the coexistence of stock market, bilateral market and finance derivant market. 1
16. He also believed in coexistence with the West. 1
17. However, such marriage was opposed by Fahai, a Buddhist monk in Jinshan Temple, who maintained that coexistence of human and evil spirit was unallowable. 1
18. In 2010, the improvement of Chinese garment industry progress and coexistence of old and new constraints are intertwined. 1
19. In history, China has all along been laying stress on amicability , friendliness and peaceful coexistence in different social systems in its diplomacy. 1
20. In this review, we compare the habits of sympatric tiger and leopard and summarize the important differences between them that allow coexistence. 1
21. Instead, they play a game of "combative coexistence, " seeking to improve their relative power position amid the ever-changing forces of world politics. 1
22. Internally "Sike" advocates the Solidarity and mutuality; externally emphases on the cooperation and coexistence. 1
23. Internally' sike " advocates the Solidarity and mutuality; externally emphases on the cooperation and coexistence. 1
24. It is an intoxicating sight of harmonious coexistence of humans and nature. 1
25. It is found that the orientation of the sheet processed by ECAR is changed and the crystal orientation evolves from(0002) basal plane orientation to coexistence of basal plane and non-basal plane. 1
26. Long periods of enforced coexistence may include concessions or agreements and important, often fruitful, cultural exchange. 1
27. Memory is heel, lonesome is dent, I a person coexistence. 1
28. Modern meanings of the Russian thought are as following: intercommunity, the world reply, the peaceful coexistence of different nations and active doomsday in the face of catastrophe. 1
29. Musical forms have undergone from a single sound thinking ( homophony , and finally achieved both coexistence. 1
30. Nixon contends that we are heading into a period of peaceful coexistence in the world. 1




coexistences (plural noun) · co-existence (noun) · co-existences (plural noun)

  - the state or fact of living or existing at the same time or in the same place.


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