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1. A third argument is that inequality perverts politics, with Wall Street's influence in Washington often cited as exhibit A of the unhealthy clout of a plutocratic elite. 1
2. After years of fiscal gloom, they hope Brown will bring his political clout to the corporate realm. 1
3. Always vulnerable because they lack financial clout, lower income families are an easy target. 1
4. An official protest could carry considerable clout . 1
5. And the know-how side is given the real clout when it comes to authority. 1
6. Arsenal are sure to monitor developments, but can obviously not match Seville's financial clout. 1
7. As a political entity feminism had less clout than the merest lobby. 1
8. As leader of the Liberal Democrats' largest and wealthiest faction, Mr Takeshita wields enormous clout. 1
9. As markets sputter, analysts are regaining some clout. 1
10. At local level, control exerted by NGOs varies widely, depending on their philosophy, their economic clout, and individual personalities. 1
11. Beijing's apparent effort to pre-empt criticism from nationalist Internet users has resulted in a radicalization of Chinese diplomacy that might undercut China's global clout. 1
12. Better a clout than a hole out. 1
13. But China's market clout is not matched by its governance prowess. 1
14. But Dawn Run was back alongside by the next fence only to suffer another reverse when clouting the fifth from home. 1
15. But it has no legal clout on such issues as quality of care. 1
16. But now China has more worldwide clout, and public opinion at home has taken on a combative (and sometimes downright jingoistic) tone. 1
17. But the more affluent wanted to show their clout, so the gold card appeared with its larger credit line. 1
18. Cast ne'er a clout till May be out. 1
19. China usually refuses to mix human rights issues with diplomacy, but Hu has come under international pressure to use his clout with Sudan to push it to accept U. N. peacekeepers in Darfur. 1
20. Despite his lack of political experience, Clouthier's 20-year leadership of business organisations stood him in good stead. 0
21. Doctors have considerably more political clout than teachers. 1
22. Economic clout is Taiwan's raison d'etre. 1
23. Few companies have the clout to handle such large deals. 1
24. For all its clout in Washington, no member of the Gallo family has ever gotten that close to the Oval Office. 1
25. For this you received a bag of pork scratchings and a clout round the ear. 1
26. For Ure, however, special expertise is less important than the essentials of contact and clout. 1
27. FROM being a rounding error a decade ago, the financial clout of China now trails only that of America. 1
28. Have they used their economic clout to exert control? 1
29. He gave him a clout round the ear. 1
30. He has a lot of clout within the party. 1

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