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# Sentence Times
1. A closeness function is established to build the mathematical model for evaluating the relative redundancy of solutions and eliminating illogical ones. 1
2. A closeness grew up between the two girls. 1
3. A combinatory method loses some of the prestigious closeness to scientific rigour which a feminist psychology with a conventional method retains. 1
4. A special closeness is supposed to exist between twins. 1
5. A strange closeness developed, a shorthand, a kind of telepathy. 1
6. ABSOLUTE ACCURACY - the closeness of agreement between the result of a measurement and its true value or accepted standard value. Accuracy is often separated into gain and offset terms. 1
7. Additionally, the greater closeness that better communication brings, the greater pleasure and rewards we will experience with our horses. 1
8. All of these assays are similarly dependent 011 the closeness with which the unknown species and the standard react with the binder. 1
9. Among them used symmetry closeness to compare by sequencing of each index. 1
10. And as they get older, they do everything conceivable to relieve that anxiety of that closeness. 1
11. And maybe he continues to feel our boyish closeness undiminished. 1
12. And, of course, empathy creates a closeness between you and your child. 1
13. As the Reidys' lives clearly show, sharing parenting helps to maintain mutual respect and closeness in a marriage. 1
14. Aside from, I argue that use the saltant small mouse to experiment is a very good idea, not only is closeness with human, but eco-friendly. 1
15. Billie could see their closeness when Adam let her out, saw that they cared deeply for each other. 1
16. Bodie shivered at the closeness of that escape, and glanced back to the wall where Nicky Stone was lounging. 1
17. Bristow and Trevitt never waver in the closeness of their mutual dialogue and move easily between forceful classical dynamics and quiet self-containment. 1
18. Bush's shaky mandate was partly due to the closeness of the election vote and the legal wrangling afterwards. 1
19. But there was also, despite the overt antagonism between them, a growing closeness too. 1
20. But with the hindsight of 30 years in politics, he added: "It is dangerous to presume closeness to people in power, and it is very rare when there are real, unbreakable friendships." 1
21. Clinton tore apart a White House butler's pantry to create a cozy breakfast nook, emblematic of the closeness the family sought. 1
22. Conclusion Store TSH Serum need more large , and closeness, and low temperature. 1
23. Despite my closeness over a long period to Harold Wilson, I was certainly not close to his publicised cronies. 1
24. Despite their closeness, Seb was not at all certain of Carrie's feelings for him. 1
25. Disgusted by Hung - chien's closeness to Miss T'ang, she asked, " Hsiao - fu , what's so funny ". 1
26. End the day with a hug -- show closeness and again; intimacy . 1
27. Even those hostile found the play's closeness to music hall to be its strength. 1
28. First, it may be difficult for them to relinquish the closeness and identification with their twin in favour of a marriage partner. 1
29. For some, pets provide a nice form of touch and closeness. 1
30. For such a recluse and an introvert, this passion for closeness seems odd. 1





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