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# Sentence Times
1. ' secondly, classified regulation should be carried out for medical institutions; ". 1
2. A 10-year life span for classified information, unless an agency specifies that the information must have continued secrecy. 1
3. A 22-year-old Army intelligence analyst, Spc. Bradley Manning, was charged in the case with multiple counts of mishandling and leaking classified data and putting national security at risk. 1
4. A basic task in political analysis is to determine whether there are some criteria by which political systems can be classified. 1
5. A cash shortage is classified as an Operating and Administrative Expense. A cash overage is classified as other Income. 2
6. A classified ad in their local newspaper a message just for them. 1
7. A classified ad in their local newspaper with a message just for them. 1
8. A classified ad is usually only a few lines long. 1
9. A confusion matrix describes how many results were correctly classified and how many were incorrectly classified for each of the categories. 2
10. A couple who watch the classified ads can make some outstanding furniture buys. 1
11. A declaration signed by the shipping co. or its agent stating that the carrying vessel is a classified one plying in regular liner service . 1
12. A fluid logic sequential network can be classified as deterministic logic circuit and stochastic logic circuit. 1
13. A former high-ranking official in the Homeland Security Dept. adds that he never ran across any classified material linking Huawei to espionage. 1
14. A girl classified the information coming in and entered it up on file cards. 1
15. A glance through college newspapers or free weeklies reveals classified ads promoting studies on everything from HIV vaccine trials to cocaine addiction to restless legs and severe PMS. 1
16. A great deal of text has been whited out, and other documents must still be entirely classified. 1
17. A lease agreement that does not meet the criteria for a capital lease must be classified as an operating lease. 1
18. A ledger, then , is a book of accounts datatransactions recorded in journals are postedthereby classifiedsummarized. 1
19. A ledger, then, is a book of accounts in which data from transactions recorded in journals are posted and thereby classified and summarized. 1
20. A less fortunate hangover from Soviet rule is the rate of alcoholism, especially among Mongolian men, up to 25 percent of whom are classified as alcohol-dependent. 1
21. A less fortunate hangover from Soviet rule is the rate of alcoholism, especially among Mongolian men,(Sentencedict) up to 25 percent of whom are classified as alcohol-dependent. 1
22. A new tracking controller for tracked robot vehicle is described here. Tracking error of tracked robot vehicle is classified internal error and external error. 1
23. A new way of classified store and scientific management of land register information was put forward. 1
24. A number of local societies publish booklets which may be classified as mini-dictionaries. 1
25. A rifle is usually classified on the basis of the type of action it employs and on the size or calibre of ammunition it fires. 1
26. A singular boundary point q can then be classified according to this scheme. 1
27. A TermBase, or terminological database, is a special kind of glossary in which terms are classified in several categories through user-defined attributes. 1
28. A total of 352 malaria patients with parasitaemia and fever was classified according to ABO blood groups in an endemic area of Hainan Island. 1
29. A2A2 can be further classified as reduplication of the original, the extended meaning and borrowed meanings. 1
30. Abortion can also be classified into spontaneous abortion and artificial abortion based upon the underlying causes. 1




classifieds (plural noun)

  - arranged in classes or categories.


  - small advertisements placed in a newspaper and organized in categories.


  - arrange (a group of people or things) in classes or categories according to shared qualities or characteristics.


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