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# Sentence Times
1. (this applies to a number of principles that don't clash) SOA is about architectural structure and agile development is about delivering fast. 0
2. A badly damaged North Korean patrol ship retreated in flames yesterday after a skirmish with a South Korean vessel – the first naval clash between the two nations in seven years. 1
3. A border dispute between the Democratic Republic of Georgia and the Democratic Republic of Armenia in 1918 led to armed clashes. 1
4. A constant clash and tinkle came from the kitchens across the courtyard, like the percussion section of an orchestra from hell. 1
5. A dead Taliban fighter lies on the ground following clashes with Afghan security forces near the "National Consultive Peace Jirga" tent in Kabul on June 2, 2010. 1
6. A demonstrator uses a slingshot against security forces during clashes in Bangkok on May 15, 2010. 1
7. A fallible observation statement might be rejected and the fallible theory with which it clashes retained. 1
8. A gong, clashing faintly in the distance, seemed to be in another world. 1
9. A group of 400 demonstrators clashed with police. 1
10. A policeman was killed and four people were injured in a clash in Brsadin at the same time. 1
11. A recent rugby match between Tredworth and Fleetwood at Moseley's ground saw rival supporters clash during the match. 1
12. A sheep that is attacked will spin round to make sure that the attacker's horns clash with his own. 1
13. A standard objection to such views is that these general principles often clash one with one another as necessary truths could not. 1
14. A tight clampdown on media coverage makes it difficult to gauge whether the clashes are the start of a bigger revolt or just a fleeting show of dissent. 1
15. A visit to the kingdom can generate equally clashing impressions. 1
16. About 100 local residents and Chinese migrant workers have clashed in the Algerian capital, some brandishing knives and rods, reports say. 1
17. About 50 Left-wingers clashed with 20 Right-wing extremists in Chemnitz. 1
18. According to an April 22 official report, 15 rebels and seven others were killed in clashes between rebels and security forces. 1
19. After police clashed with the demonstrators, Allende declared a state of emergency in Santiago province. 1
20. After the altercation between Francis and Aguilar, there were no clashes, " he told Radio Onda Cero ." 1
21. After the violent clashes of 1981 they either went underground or left the country. 1
22. All insist that there have been no clashes and no violations of Indian air space. 1
23. An amateur photographer on the shore captured last week's clash on videotape and its revelations aroused outrage. 1
24. An angry mob screamed abuse and hurled missiles during clashes with police yesterday. 1
25. An Israeli police officer clashes with an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man during a protest over a construction site that is said to be located on a Jewish burial ground. 1
26. An organizational belief that information should be authorized, well documented, and "finished" in order to get published clashes with the wiki way of sharing work-in-progress. 1
27. And because the disease can be transmitted between wild and farmed animals, its appearance in areas where these species intermix has caused clashes between ranchers and conservationists. 1
28. And because the enemies should be allies, the clash is poignant. 1
29. And clashes erupted once again outside the Polytechnic. 1
30. And fox hunt demo ... animal rights protestors clash with huntsmen. 1






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