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1. “It’s only happened once before. It’s a confluence of circumstances that come together to cause this,” said John Rowden, citizen science director at the Audubon Society’s New York chapter. 1
2. " circumstances are certainly important, but why can't we change them? " Chueh - hui interjected heatedly. 1
3. "Animal migrants do not respond to sensory inputs from resources that would readily elicit responses in other circumstances, " is the dry, careful way Dingle describes it. 1
4. "International law recognises that there are exceptional circumstances where necessity precludes wrongfulness, and this will be said to be one of those cases, " Mr Sands told the BBC. 1
5. "sharp-eyed and clearheaded " is not familiar with the circumstances in each other, through each other's wisdom and spiritual outlook to reflect the characteristics of the age. 1
6. "Under no circumstances should a strong nation interfere in the internal affairs of another one, "he argued back at the debate. 1
7. 1911 — The Peter Bent Brigham Hospital is established "for the care of sick persons in indigent circumstances" with a bequest from restauranteur and real estate baron Peter Bent Brigham. 0
8. 2, In 1838, Engels was forced by family circumstances to enter a commercial house in Bremen as a clerk. 1
9. A bachelor who did not take kindly to children under any circumstances, he found the atmosphere at Four Winds appalling. 1
10. A bit tricky under the circumstances, although I've never actually done it with a raving loony. 1
11. A careful record, with corroboration, is always desirable in such extreme circumstances. 1
12. A change in circumstances that could not have been predicted exactly does not mean that planning was incorrect in the first place. 1
13. A consultable standard is needed while applying the legal circumstances stipulated in the penal code. 1
14. A diplomat must act according to circumstances. 1
15. A friend can be invaluable in helping you to establish and recognize the loudness needed for ordinary conversation in quiet circumstances. 1
16. A good barrister - he'd known Thomas Walters for years - would be able to argue mitigating circumstances. 1
17. A helmsman is tested in a rough sea; a hero is distinguished in difficult circumstances. 1
18. A hose pipe was connected to the exhaust. police said there were no suspicious circumstances. 1
19. A number of circumstances in which a transparency could be lost or damaged would be quite beyond the control of the borrower. 1
20. A parent's note indicating extenuating circumstances for an incomplete assignment may allow for extension of time. 1
21. A person's behavior is often regulated by his circumstances. 1
22. A pity it was launched really under unhappy circumstances in as much as the company was so antipathetic. 1
23. A police officer came on the scene to search into the circumstances. 1
24. A process method that only the ascendable circumstances of SPRSQ are considered and the delinable circumstances of SPRSQ are shielded, is used to calculate the best K value. 2
25. A programme that might globally benefit society might harm the wellbeing of minorities or groups of people living in particular circumstances," says Archer. 1
26. A revolutionist isolated by circumstances over which he has no control can fall into sectarianism quite unconsciously. 1
27. A satirist, you feel, would find rich pickings under such circumstances, and indeed Wang Shuo does just that. 1
28. A series of fortuitous circumstances advanced her career. 1
29. A solar cell is reproductive by itself under any circumstances. 1
30. A statement must be obtained from the Insured to establish the facts and to avoid subsequent dispute as to the circumstances. 1

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