Choked Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use choked, so you can learn how to use choked in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word choked here, and see the words sound like or similar to choked

# Sentence Times
1. "I guess we choked," said Coach Landers after his team's last minute defeat. 1
2. "Why did Ben do that?" she asked, in a choked voice. 1
3. A choked sob rose in his throat. 1
4. A few years ago, Fremont Street was choked with cars, cabs, exhaust fumes and even a few gamblers. 1
5. A grey drizzle enveloped the city; where there were trees, sodden leaves choked the drains and made the pavements dangerous. 1
6. A narrow river choked with garbage and reeking of human and animal waste runs in City of God. 1
7. A protest rose to her lips, but she choked it back. 1
8. Across Route 22, in Union, my other grandparents sat choked in tinsel. 1
9. All steamy smoke choked off the flames. 1
10. And worse, it choked off the free flow of ideas. 1
11. Ardythe was still speaking as she had been earlier, her voice choked, the words disjointed. 1
12. As he choked, Gazzer's right hand jerked spasmodically behind him, clutching at Simon's jacket. 1
13. Asphyxiation, probably. Passed out, choked on her own vomit. 1
14. At lunchtime the streets were choked with traffic. 1
15. Back in his corner of the sofa, Cantor choked on his sherry. 1
16. Before me lay a deep gulley choked with oleanders and thorny scrub, which descended precipitously down to the private beach. 1
17. Before that you choked and struggled into a sudden darkness of chloroform, then woke to pain that no ice-cream could mediate. 1
18. Bhutto was choked by tear gas earlier when police fired canisters directly at her open-top jeep. 1
19. Bill choked and gasped, straining for air. 1
20. Bowring reeled, choked, flailed his hands, tried to grab at reality, wherever it was.This website/grab.html 1
21. By 4 am Gary Humphreys was dead, having suffered a broken jaw and choked to death on his own blood. 1
22. Channels through the Canadian Arctic archipelago that were choked with ice at this time of year two decades ago are now expanses of open water or vast patchworks of tiny islands of melting ice. 1
23. Deaton, red and almost choked with fury, thumped the table. 1
24. Despair choked her words. 1
25. Filth and remnants of dread feasting choked the halls. 1
26. For many persons, including children, the biliary tubing is choked with gallstones. 1
27. For them the carefully filtered, aerated wateroffers the breath of life, whereas their natural homes—streams andrivers in the southeastern United States—are choked by dams and cloudedwith pollutants. 1
28. From the catwalk they surveyed this choked cavern which lay beneath even the underbelly of the city. 1
29. Grantham says. "The first one kind of choked on it, but Peter danced around the minefield like a tap dancer. I thought, 'That guy can really think on his feet." 1
30. He choked back a sharp reply. 1

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