Cheek Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use cheek, so you can learn how to use cheek in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word cheek here, and see the words sound like or similar to cheek

# Sentence Times
1. 'I don't tell anyone, not even my daughter,' the grande dame reveals, shooting me a look as she clasps a Latex glove containing frozen peas to her bruised cheeks. 1
2. 'I warn't doing no harm,'Young Jerry protested, rubbing his cheek. 1
3. 'No doubt he'll give me the chance to fight him again,' he jibed, tongue in cheek. 1
4. " All right, dear,'she said, giving him an affectionate peck on the cheek. 1
5. " Farni: "I wouldn't rule out a cheeky wildcard at Phillip Island further down the line. 1
6. " No, " he said, nodding, his tongue pressing against his cheek. 1
7. "Fooled you!" he said, with a cheeky grin. 1
8. "Jeremy is walk through a door rather than open it, Richard's massively accident prone and cheeky chappie, and James is a pedantic nerd, " says Wilman. 1
9. A 24-year-old woman was noted to have four asymptomatic skin-colored protruding masses over bilateral preauricular area and left cheek since birth. 1
10. A bee stung me on the cheek. 1
11. A beginning beard faintly shadowed his chin and lean cheeks. 1
12. A blush mantled over the bronzed cheek of the gladiator. 1
13. A blush suffused his cheeks. 1
14. A branch whipped her across the cheek. 1
15. A brisk walk will put the roses back into your cheeks. 1
16. A bullet grazed his cheek. 1
17. A bumblebee stung me on the cheek. 1
18. A close-up on Mr. Kim's face showed what looks like a large bruise on his right cheekbone that appeared after he reportedly fell ill in 2008. 1
19. A cold wet cloth placed on her cheeks will help alleviate the symptoms. 1
20. A cut caused by biting the cheek or tongue, or reactions from hot foods or beverages may contribute to canker sore development. 1
21. A cut on his cheek was still oozing blood. 1
22. A dark plaits sticking on the hindbrain, curled and naughty hair covers on the cheek. 1
23. A dusky blush rose to her cheek. 1
24. A faint scar ran the length of his left cheek. 1
25. A flush of anger appeared on her cheekbones. 1
26. A flush of embarrassment came to her cheeks. 1
27. A flush of embarrassment rose to her cheeks. 1
28. A four- or five-minute interview on a gossipy level, quite cheeky and witty and charming I've no doubt. 1
29. A gentle touch on her cheek, then her arm. 1
30. A kinkajou's pollen-dusted cheek tells of a late-night nectar binge in an Ochroma, or balsa, tree. 1

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