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# Sentence Times
1. 'Shall we check it again?' 'Yes, let's.' 1
2. "A successful fight on Apple's high-profit home turf can simultaneously help to revitalise Nokia's margins and help put a check on Apple's surging growth, " said Mawston. 1
3. "Because it's built directly into the Android system, you can check in and explore without even firing up the application, " Foursquare wrote on the company blog. 1
4. "I know how you like birds, " she said as she stood looking down at my guilt-ridden face. "Here is that field guide about birds that you are constantly checking out. 1
5. "I'll put patients on Meridia—but I'll check their blood pressure once or twice a month, " says Michael Steelman, M.D., a spokesperson for the ASBP. 1
6. "It's a checkup for the deep ocean, " says Knap. 1
7. "Perhaps you could check the book?" Moira said helpfully. 1
8. "Sirte is becoming a ghost town, " said resident Salim Omar as he passed a checkpoint manned by revolutionary forces on the city's western outskirts. 1
9. "While the head and the heart may be better, I don't think that has extended to the hand writing the checks, " he said. 1
10. 820 study participants were drawn from adults aged 25 to 65 who came into their local HMO office for a routine check-up. 0
11. 820 study participants were drawn from adults aged 25 to 65 who came into their local HMO office for a routine check-up. This website 0
12. A : All right. Please fill in this memo for traveller's checks. 1
13. A : check this out, man. It's a Jimi Hendrix model commemorative guitar - limited edition! 1
14. A : check this out, man. My uncle gave me this crotch - rocket as a birthday present. 1
15. A . FXCM UK provides for bank wire, debit card, credit card, and check deposits and withdrawals. 1
16. A $ 25 fine check returned for insufficient funds will be charged to the tenant. 1
17. A background check is normally a preliminary to a presidential appointment. 1
18. A bank check insufficient funds to take advantage of the time interval required for collection. 1
19. A basic check up will go up from £3.75 to £7.50. 1
20. A benefit checking system for the Industrial and Commercial Bank of YiLi in Sinkiang is proudced in this research using full cost managing and operation managing. 1
21. A binary check digit; for example, a parity bit. 1
22. A bounced check will cost you $25 or more, to say nothing of your credit rating. 1
23. A breeder checks on the health status of conserved maize germplasm in Ibadan, Nigeria. 1
24. A bridge on the M50 motorway was closed last month when engineers carrying out checks spotted cracks in the metalwork. 1
25. A buildings cost chart and a room-by-room contents check list are printed overleaf for your assistance. 1
26. A cat and the occasional use of warfarin keep the rats and mice more or less in check. 1
27. A Champagne check-in, spectacular views of the Charles River and a concierge that lends handcuffs inspire surrender at the Liberty Hotel. 0
28. A character parity check as well as a block check to detect errors. 2
29. A check box is toggled by pressing the spacebar. 1
30. A check digit is a method of verifying the accuracy of a single data item, such as a credit card number. 1




checks (third person present) · checked (past tense) · checked (past participle) · checking (present participle)

  - examine (something) in order to determine its accuracy, quality, or condition, or to detect the presence of something.

  - stop or slow down the progress of (something undesirable).

  - mark or click on (a box) in order to select a particular option on a form, questionnaire, etc..

  - (in poker) choose not to make a bet when called upon, allowing the action to move to another player.

  - (of a hound) pause to make sure of or regain a scent.


checks (plural noun) · baggage check (noun) · baggage checks (plural noun) · baggage (noun) · luggage check (noun) · luggage checks (plural noun) · check mark (noun) · check marks (plural noun)

  - an examination to test or ascertain accuracy, quality, or satisfactory condition.

  - a stopping or slowing of progress.

  - a written order to a bank to pay a stated sum from the drawer's account.

  - a token of identification for left luggage.

  - a counter used as a stake in a gambling game.

  - a part of a piano that catches the hammer and prevents it from retouching the strings.

  - a crack or flaw in timber.


checks (plural noun)

  - used by a chess player to announce that the opponent's king has been placed in check.


  - a pattern of small squares.


  - having a pattern of small squares.


  - British spelling of check.


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