Castigate Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. Admittedly, Norton-Taylor castigates the food industry as well as the landowners and the farmers - he spreads his castigation very evenly. 1
2. Agit-poppers constantly castigate pop for its dereliction of duty and its straying from being aligned. 1
3. And it was even more crazy to stand here daydreaming about it, she castigated herself. 1
4. Do not castigate the very One that gave you life for life is not ending. 1
5. Even at lesbian conferences such as Canterbury, Nottingham and Bristol, separatists were castigated for being smug extremists. 1
6. He castigated the secretaries for their sloppy job of filing. 1
7. He was castigated for his carelessness in doing homework. 1
8. Health inspectors castigated the kitchen staff for poor standards of cleanliness. 1
9. Helmut Kohl, chancellor from 1982-98, has been castigated for flouting the party finance laws he enacted. 1
10. I am appalled that one so - called authority could castigate thousands of successful, worthwhile programs. 1
11. Lydia did not castigate herself for so disliking a fellow-being, believing that it was sufficient merely to refrain from overt unkindness. 1
12. Marx never lost an opportunity to castigate colonialism. 1
13. Perhaps the miners were castigated for not checking the route beforehand in view of the importance of their visitors. 1
14. Reconnoitring and collecting evidence is the first step castigate such crime. 1
15. Reconnoitring and collecting evidence is the first step to castigate such crime . 1
16. She castigated him for having no intellectual interests. 1
17. She could not find sufficient reproaches with which to castigate herself. 1
18. She'd also had time to castigate herself for meekly following him inside. 1
19. The aristocracy of this period has been castigated for its naked self-interest and expediency. 1
20. The film mercilessly castigates the old society. 1
21. The historian William Manchester castigated the tenor of youth in that era as "withdrawn, cautious, unimaginative, indifferent, unadventurous and silent." 1
22. The kind of ideological politics which he castigates as non-Conservative covers monetarism as well as Marxism. 1
23. The little-remembered Franklin Pierce, president from 1853 to 1857, is castigated for expanding slavery in the west and thus bringing the civil war closer. 1
24. The principal castigate the student who have insult their teacher. 1
25. When two organizations fail to come to agreement to join forces, I don't believe that gives license for anyone, outside either organization, to take sides and publically castigate one of the parties. 1

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