Caring Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. 44-year-old woman seeks caring, honest male of similar age for friendship and fun. Genuine replies only. 1
2. A bearish market that was unforeseen by the trader will be disastrous, as they haven't prepared enough cash flow to pay for the caring of properties for the long-term. 1
3. a caring and humane society. 1
4. A caring relative who has a strong attachment to the old person may find the vulnerability of the loved one nearly intolerable. 1
5. A chief characteristic of isolationism is not caring very much about what happens elsewhere. 1
6. A cuckoo in a tree was crowing sorrowfully. Hearing this, a caring turtledove asked about her sadness in the hope of helping her out. 1
7. A nurse has many duties to fulfil in caring for the sick. 1
8. A nurse has to fulfil many duties in caring for the sick. 1
9. A nurse has to fulfill many duties in caring for the sick. 1
10. A particular thorny dilemma arises should the caring situation present demands beyond the level of endurance. 1
11. A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside. Denis Waitley  1
12. Academic people can express a caring attitude by applying or sharing information, especially their insights or conclusions, freely with others. 1
13. Accompanying the greater caring was an intensification of parental authority. 1
14. Acute grief at the death of one parent may inhibit a family for caring for the surviving spouse. 1
15. After nearly two decades caring fro patients in the African jungle, Albert Schweitzer wrote, "We all must die." 1
16. After the cars came representatives of the caring professions and local charities. 1
17. Although the ideas expressed above might be well intentioned , the results don't serve to create self-responsible, thinking, caring, children. Let's take a closer look at tattling. 1
18. An ideal family is a non-working wife, the caring, nurturing mother who greets children after school with a plate of home-baked cookies. 1
19. An informed, caring community is a computer click away. 1
20. And apparently she had really loved Magnus, and competed with Stella in caring for him. 1
21. And caring for Rotarian families and spouses can only strengthen Rotary. 1
22. And consider how Mike overcame his terror of caring for his infant. 1
23. And Lizzy Davis brings welcome warmth to her portrayal of a young nurse who is Vivian's only caring human connection. 1
24. And then Ellie was exasperated with herself for even caring. 1
25. And they do. With kindness and caring. 1
26. Angle Moms is currently in great need of long-term renting house, foster family, adoptive family resources and more caring to help! 1
27. Another component of the ideal family is a non-working wife, the caring, nurturing mother who greets children after school with a plate of home-baked cookies. 1
28. Another important subdivision of the informal caring population must be made concerning the relationship between carer and dependant. 1
29. Any attempt to dodge this is professionally demeaning and destructive of a trustful caring relationship with the client. 1
30. Arthur was a very gentle, caring person. 1

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