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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use careful, so you can learn how to use careful in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word careful here, and see the words sound like or similar to careful

# Sentence Times
1. “Cities keep careful track of their finances, but a bond rating doesn’t tell us how people feel or why they want to raise a family here or relocate a business here,” Mr. Curtatone said. 1
2. 'Be careful, gringo, ' he said menacingly, before sliding away. 1
3. 'Be careful, the rocks are slippery,' Alex warned. 1
4. 'Be careful!' he yelled. 0
5. 'I cooked it myself, so be careful!' he joked. 0
6. 'We found the empty bottle of sleeping tablet in your room,'Inspector Walsh said quietly.He watched her face carefully. 1
7. " I'm careful,'she said. " I don't want my disease to be as a cop-out. " 1
8. " Oh , shucks, I'll be just as careful. 1
9. ""Failing your exams isn't the end of the world,'' said Kay's mother, careful not to sound disappointed. 1
10. "Animal migrants do not respond to sensory inputs from resources that would readily elicit responses in other circumstances, " is the dry, careful way Dingle describes it. 1
11. "BaFin will make a request for information to the SEC. After a careful evaluation of the documents we will decide about legal steps," Wilhelm said. 1
12. "Be careful!" — "Sure thing, Dad. So long." 0
13. "I have to be very careful who I deal with in Macau. It's difficult to know which public officials are on the take and which ones aren't," said a senior security staffer at a casino. 1
14. "learned, the interrogation, the careful reflection, Ming Bian, work perseveringly " these five relations to be close, unifiedmutually has formed one organic whole. 1
15. "One of the things that this new work is emphasizing is that one needs to be very careful about defining habitability, " commented Phil Armitage of the University of Colorado, Boulder. 1
16. "The main objective is to beat the benchmark, whilst carefully managing downside risk." she says. 1
17. "The media profile can become toxic if they are seen to be overly profiteering or mercenary, " Macleod said. "They just need to be careful that they don't step on the wrong side of tastefulness." 1
18. "You can't be too careful, especially toward spring, " he said, heaping his plate with straw-coloured griddle- cakes and drowning them in golden syrup. 1
19. "You stupid lout, " said his mother, "you should have carried it very carefully in your hands. 1
20. A beautiful coal-black face, strong, intense, with a thin, carefully trimmed mustache. 1
21. A blown-up photograph of carefully painted crackle marks that cunningly c the look of centuries-old paint elicits a smile. 1
22. A careful distinction was drawn between bigness and monopoly. 1
23. A careful driver will often stop talking before carrying out a complex manoeuvre. 1
24. A careful examination of the full context, however, suggests that see may well denote mental inference here as well. 1
25. A careful history may give a clue as to the origin. 1
26. A careful medical history, covering the total lifespan, in respect of symptoms of reflux and antireflux treatment was obtained. 1
27. A careful note should be made against any sub-contractor used by the builder who subsequently proved to be unsatisfactory. 1
28. A careful person will not buy a pig in a poke. 1
29. A careful read of this book will show that underpinning it is a terrible truth. 1
30. A careful reading disclosed deficiencies in definitions and unwarranted assumptions. 1

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