Care Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use care, so you can learn how to use care in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word care here, and see the words sound like or similar to care

# Sentence Times
1. Ph.D., assistant professor in the Duke Department of Medicine and an attending physician in the Duke Clinics for Pain and Palliative care. 1
2. “Cities keep careful track of their finances, but a bond rating doesn’t tell us how people feel or why they want to raise a family here or relocate a business here,” Mr. Curtatone said. 1
3. ' cried Mrs Clare, who cared no more at that moment for the stains of heterodoxy which had caused all this separation than for the dust upon his clothes. 1
4. 'A growing middle class is what's fueling China, ' said Kurt Piemonte, associate director of career and professional development at Harvard Business School. 1
5. 'All taken care of,' he said smoothly. 1
6. 'And I don't care what you think,' she added defiantly. 1
7. 'Be careful, gringo, ' he said menacingly, before sliding away. 1
8. 'Be careful, the rocks are slippery,' Alex warned. 1
9. 'Be careful!' he yelled. 1
10. 'Don't you care what I do?' he asked, but it was a rhetorical question. 1
11. 'I cooked it myself, so be careful!' he joked. 1
12. 'I don't care,' she said stubbornly. 1
13. 'I don't care!' she said rebelliously. 0
14. 'I don't mind,' he said carelessly. 1
15. 'I don't really care,' he replied airily. 1
16. 'I know, I know,'rejoined Mr. Carton , carelessly.'Don't be nettled, Mr. Lorry. 1
17. 'I neither want any thanks, nor merit any,'was the careless rejoinder. 1
18. 'It's the foundation of patient care, ' says Susan Denman, a family nurse practitioner who teaches physical assessment at the Duke University School of Nursing. 1
19. 'Playing with Richie was the highlight of my musical career,' said Sonny in all seriousness. 1
20. 'see you,'said madame, " I care nothing for this Doctor, I. 1
21. 'We found the empty bottle of sleeping tablet in your room,'Inspector Walsh said quietly.He watched her face carefully. 1
22. 'We'll take good care of you,' he said reassuringly. 1
23. 'Well, for my own part, ' said the Woodpecker, who was a born philosopher, 'I don't care an atomic theory for explanations. 1
24. 'Who cares?' said Alex, feigning indifference. 1
25. " Because I don't care to contribute to the support of Ashley Wilkes. " 1
26. " Darling , I don't care a thing about Brent, " declared Scarlett, happy enough to be generous. 1
27. " Drunk be damned, " cried the captain. " He can lie in the gutter for all I care. 1
28. " Ef you doan care'bout how folks talks'bout dis fainbly, Ah does,'she rumbled. 0
29. " I don't care, " he said airily. 1
30. " I'm careful,'she said. " I don't want my disease to be as a cop-out. " 1

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